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LTK Fall Sale! Sharing My Faves for your Home

Hey there! Today I'm sharing my faves from the Fall LTK sale. These are great sales with discounts sitewide but you've got to act fast because the sale ends soon. Click the link below the picture to go to LTK, there you will copy the discount code and shop away! FYI the sale prices are only available when shopping through the LTK and of course each site has a few exclusions. 

Here are my favorites:

(PS: discount works on whole site, not just home stuff with a few exclusions)
They have a great selection of home products and all kinds of other stuff including cute clothes! 

A bit of a splurge but legit the softest sheets you've ever experienced and they will last forever. Seriously, your bed will feel so luxurious!

If you want your home to smell wonderful this is for you! I have this and you run it through an app. I love that I can control the strength of the scent as some scents are stronger than others. I can also set a schedule for it and control when it runs so it's not just running everyday all day. You can even set it to notice when your phone leaves (meaning you left home) and it will automatically turn off. 

Remember the sale is only through the 24th so order asap! 

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How to Design a Fall Dining Table Centerpiece

how to make a long dining table fall centerpiece

It's Fall y'all!! So cliche but I have to say it... it's my favorite time of year and I live in Texas so it's like mandatory to say it around here. It's not even really Fall yet technically but it is September so that starts it for me, September 1, even if it's 100+ degrees out. 

Ok, let's get down to business. 

Large fall dining table centerpiece

First of all, have you seen the faux pumpkins at Walmart this year?? They are SO good!! And, they are super cheap!!! Under $8 and these rival some of the fancy decor store faux pumpkins that go for like $30 plus! They are light weight and definitely not weather proof but I don't care, they look good and they are going to live inside my house so they will be just fine. 

Look how good these are!
Walmart fake orange pumpkin fall decorwalmart fake pumpkin fall decor

I was thrilled to find these because I'd been wanting to do a long Fall centerpiece on my dining table. These long tables can be tricky to decorate sometime because, well, they are just long. Most things look too small.  If you put something in the center of it it doesn't seem like enough so then you try and add something to it but that seems weird. Let's face it, they are kinda just awkward to decorate. 

Your best bet is a long centerpiece and that's exactly what I did. 

Here are the steps to recreating my Fall centerpiece.

First, get 2 table runners. Don't cheap out on me here, you don't want your table runner looking like a pair of high water pants because it doesn't quite make it to the end of the table. 

The one linked is really long but it was still too short for my table. You want the runner hanging off each edge a few inches. 

It's really hard to find extra long table runners and I find it's cheaper to buy two short ones and layer them together nine times out of ten. My table is 95" long for reference.

Second, you need some kind of riser or wooden tray. I happened to have the perfect piece of wood already. This was going to be a shelf in my husband's man cave but he ended up not needing this one. This is literally just a stained piece of wood. It's about 4 feet long and 9 inches wide and a little over an inch thick. It was sanded and stained, that's it. I've linked a tray that would work but unfortunately I couldn't find one that was less expensive. Your best bet is really getting a piece of wood. 

Next, you'll need a couple of small cake/cupcake stands or candle holders, these are to give your pumpkins some height variation, I only used two and mine are black and pretty much blend in. You want them to be a dark color or at least match and go unnoticed in your centerpiece. You could always spray paint them if you have some old ones laying around. 

Here are the steps to create your long centerpiece...

Get your table runners and your wood riser/tray centered on the table.

Long Fall tablescape candles pumpkins centerpiece

Add your cake stands. I did the taller one toward the back third and the shorter one in the front third of my riser. Place a larger pumpkin on each one and then one in the middle on the wood riser.  

I then added my candle holders throughout, making sure to stagger the height since they are different heights. 

Finally stick in your floral picks making sure to hide the stems under the pumpkins and the other picks. I like to use several of the same picks throughout the center piece. I got four or five of two different picks and three of another one. That's it and it's plenty full. 

Almost everything I used is linked HERE. Some items were not available online so I found similar items for you to order. 

I hope you'll try to make this for your table. Let me know if you do or if you have any questions! 

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