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Best of February 2012

Happy Leap Year!  Are you celebrating today? 


Me neither!!

But I am going to share some highlights of what happened around here during February just in case you missed it.  That's worth celebrating, right?? ;)

First, I showed you how Mr. Chic surprised me by organizing our baking cabinet while I was out. 

Stay away ladies, he's all mine! ;) 

I also showed off my simple Valentine's Day decor...

I was super excited for my paper clutter-buster kitchen file organizer to be featured at  one of my favorite organizing blogs, I Heart Organizing.

I also gave a tour of my baby boy's nursery that will be turning into a "big boy" this summer... sniff, sniff.

I finally got some Annie Sloan Chalk paint samples that I had been coveting for months!  Now, what color do I use??  Decisions, decisions...


In February we had several giveaways and of course, my fun link party Flaunt it Friday every Friday. 

We celebrated my 2nd blogoversary with a giveaway from Sneakpeeq that is still happening!

Please go HERE and sign-up, you have 2 chances to win!  Ending soon! 

So, I think I'm going to be busting out my Easter stuff tomorrow, too early?? 

(if you say yes don't be disappointed when I don't listen to you... ;) 

Picking out Annie Sloan Chalk Paint...

I was so excited to get 2 big boxes of paint supplies in the mail today!  My cool aunt who happens to be an artist sent me some goodies.  The stuff I was most excited to get was some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint samples and wax! 

I don't know about you but I've been drooling over that stuff ever since it started popping up all over blogland and pinterest.  I have a dining room set that is in dire need of a makeover and the chalk paint is going to be just the thing. 
I mean really, any paint would work but I want to paint it right where it is, in my dining room... sitting on carpet.  I don't want to move it because it is SO heavy, not to mention the fact that it is about 25 degrees in my garage right now.  Brrrr!

Since the chalk paint requires no sanding or priming I can just lay a drop cloth down under the table and start painting, no advance prepping.  It also doesn't smell bad so indoor painting won't stink up my house and kill my brain cells.  Perfect for a lazy painter like me who wants to do it inside. 

You may be wondering why I didn't just go buy some samples instead of making my poor aunt send me some... well, we have no Annie Sloan dealers around here (lame), the closest dealer is about an hour and a half away.  And, you know you can't trust your computer monitor to choose a paint color, I learned that HERE when I ended up with a free sample of green paint that looked like Kermit the frog instead of a green apple. 

I went ahead and slapped some paint on one of my chairs right in the middle of my dining room (and didn't even use a drop cloth... living on the edge I tell ya!) 

I put on 2 coats except the old white because I don't think I want white.  The duck egg color is way cool but not a good choice for my living room color scheme which is open to my dining room.  I'm leaning towards Country Grey but it has a green undertone so not sure if that will be what I want. 

These are just the paint colors with no wax, I will be using the dark wax over the top to give it an antiqued look and highlight the designs in the wood which will change the color a bit. 

I also need to choose some fabric to recover the seats.  I'm thinking I maybe should choose the fabric before the paint color.  We have Joann's, Hancock and Hobby Lobby for fabric here but haven't found anything I really love. 

So, have you had any experience with chalk paint?  Any tips for a first timer?  Also, Where do you find inexpensive fabric online?

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Now it's time for Flaunt it Friday!!

My Boy's Nursery Tour

Well, hello! What's shakin'? 

This summer I will be turning my baby boy's nursery into a "Big Boy" room.  Sniff, Sniff ... I can't believe he's old enough!  As all you mommys out there know, they grow too fast!

When I designed his nursery I wanted to keep the colors soft and light.  I originally thought we'd put up beadboard but then decided the white furniture against the white beadboard wouldn't stand out.  Also, I absolutely fell in love with the paint color and wanted to see all of it. 

I added some floating shelves over the rocking chair (where little hands wouldn't be able to reach them from the crib) to display some of my favorite pics.  The rocking chair was in my nursery when I was a baby.  Mr. Chic painted it for me and we added a quilt, throw pillow and seat cushion for comfort. 

 The picture frames are from TJ Maxx (of course!) and the cross with the most perfect bible verse to describe my babies (and yours!) is from Hobby Lobby.

The Chic boys have a thing for airplanes and the colors in this "Brady" bedding from Pottery Barn Kids (discontinued) just happened to be perfect.  The toddler quilt and small pillow sham are on the rocking chair.

I'm not normally a fan of vinyl lettering on the walls but I do like it for kids' rooms.  It's both whimsical and practical.  This vinyl decal is from Etsy but I can no longer find the seller. 

After hanging picture frames behind my oldest's crib I soon realized that they had to be taken down when he could stand up in his crib and reach them.  (this seemed to happen really fast!)  I like that vinyl can't fall on my baby's head... safety first! :) 

This large mobile was from Pottery Barn Kids and is discontinued, sorry!  He loves it!

I wish I had a picture of the "before" of this dresser!  It was in my room as a little girl.  It had been painted white for me but the paint had started chipping and it had those dated brass hangy handles on it.  Mr. Chic painted it when our first was born (before blogging) and we replaced the hardware with more modern brushed silver. 

This little airplane shelf was primary colors (and SUPER ugly) when I got it at a garage sale.  I spray painted it (with about 50 coats to get over the bright colors) to make a nice little white airplane shelf.

This cute sweater bear sits on one of the floating shelves, it matches a darling outfit
he wore for his 6 month picture, seen in the picture frame below. :) 

                   The airplane bank was a gift we received in the hospital (from their gift shop). 

This nightlight lamp is also from Pottery Barn Kids.  My nursery has more Pottery Barn in it than my entire house!  I got a lot of gift cards for PBK at a few of my baby showers so was able to splurge on some things like this lamp.  A few years later I found the same one at a garage sale for $5 and I swiped it up!  Now both boys have a cool night light, only wish I could've paid $5 for each!

The changing table was a hand-me-down and light oak colored originally.  Mr. Chic painted it white and I got these baskets at Wal-Mart which  ended up fitting perfectly!  I added my own ribbon. 

A whimsical Pottery Barn Kids airplane lampshade makes cute airplane shadows on the wall.  The white base is from Kmart.

The final touch in the room were the inexpensive curtains I picked up at Ikea, the light colored strip is almost exactly the same as the wall color.

I feel like the curtains really pulled the room together (although hard to see in the below pic). 

By mixing discount store finds with a few Pottery Barn Kids items and re-using furniture (the only new furniture was the crib and it was a gift!) we were able to create a nice little nursery on a tight budget.  I'm excited to design the big boy room but will always have a special place in my heart for this little nursry. 

Did you get nostalgic when you changed your nursery to a big boy/girl room?  I'm finding myself kind of attached to this stuff... maybe it's a weird interior decorator thing?? :)  

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Flaunt it Friday 91, last day for Willow House giveaway!

Happy Friday folks!  Tonight is the last night to register for the Willow House Welcome basket giveaway from my lovely sponsor Nanci of Willow House HERE. 

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Before the partying begins I have a request... I hate to call it a new party rule but it is kind of a new party rule...  please don't link directly to items you are trying to sell.  I know not many of you do this but it's a total bummer when you click on a link hoping to see before and after pictures or a tutorial and instead it's a price tag.  Also, please don't forget to link back to my blog with my button or a text link.  Muchas gracias, amigos!  :)

Ok, on to the fiesta (I think we've been watching a little too much Dora around here)

I'm being featured at I Heart Organizing!

Hey friends!   I am SO super-duper excited to have my solution to paper clutter being featured at I Heart Organizing today! 

I Heart Organizing is one of my favorite organizing blogs... Jen has a solution for everything! 

I would love for you to swing by her blog and check out my feature HERE!

IHeart Organizing

A little Valentine's Day Decor

Hey there and Happy Valentine's Day! 
I can't believe February is half over but that's a good thing because I am super ready for spring! 

We've had a mild winter but apparently it hasn't been cold enough to kill all of those nasty germs floating around out there.  My house has been infested with germs and sick bugs for weeks!  Sick kiddos (mostly), sick me, sick Mr. Chic... it's really cramping my style! 

I'm behind on everything and I am SO not down with that!

I'm hoping all of these annoying bugs will be coming to an end so we can get back to normal around here. 

Anywho... in honor of Valentine's Day I thought I should share my Valentine's Day decor.

I do just a little bit of decorating for Valentine's Day.   How many hearts can you really string around your house without it starting to look a little cheezy??  Not too many imho...  :)

I set up a little V-day vignette in my kitchen and decorated my fireplace mantel (barely)despite the cold medicine haze I was in at the time.

I totally could've made this no sew "love" banner but got it on Groopdealz instead.  If I can buy it cheaper than I can make it I'll buy it every time.  I had none of the supplies for this (besides some jute string maybe) so the cheap price I paid was worth it!

My friend Angela of La-Dee-Da Designs made the cute heart on my mirror.  (I didn't make it either, am I crafty or what?!)

I know you're wishing that I'm now going to do a tutorial on how to make this cute little "Amore" sign but.... ummm no, I'm not. :(  I picked it up this summer at Hob Lob for $2.50.  Yes, I could've made it myself but I couldn't have made it for that cheap!!

I bought this "Love" picture at TJ Maxx (where else) for super cheap on clearance a few years back thinking that I would take the heart picture out and re-use it for something else.  I then realized it was perfect for Valentine's Day.

Didn't make the banner either... cheaper to buy it!  Few years back at TJ's (when will they start paying me for all the free advertising!)

And, (not for Valentine's Day)I got these lamps with a Christmas gift certificate, they were on clearance for less than $20 for both the base and shade!  I heart them... :)  (I didn't make them or their cute script shades either!)

Here's the whole Valentine's vignette, made by me but nothing was made by me (insert cheezy grin here).   Sorry for the crummy picture, I was losing my natural light too quickly!!

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Wishing you and yours a fabulous Valentine's Day!

Cherry Creek Designs Winner!

Hey everyone!  It's time to announce the lucky winner of the Tiny Heart Ring from Cherry Creek Designs!

Lucky #43: 

I love the Heart Felt - Personalized Necklace/Charm!

Original Tiny Heart Ring - 1 ring
Tiny Heart Ring

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We have been fighing all kinds of flu bugs in my house for the past couple weeks... I'm waaaaay behind on blogging but will hopefully have some fun stuff for you this week. 

Stay healthy!! :)

Flaunt it Friday 90 and a Willow House Giveaway!

Hey there party animals!  It's already that time of the week again!!

But first, I have an exciting giveaway from my lovely sponsor Nanci of Willow House.   She is giving away a Willow Welcome Basket to one lucky reader!

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I am loving this basket... especially the super cute chalkboard plaque!  Nanci even gives a tutorial on her blog of how she made this pretty flower arrangement, doesn't it just look like spring!  I think all of us could use a little bit of spring right now. :) 

There are several ways to enter to win, make sure to do the first one, the rest are additional.  Leave a separate comment for each entry.

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Kitchen Cabinet Organization, make use of what you've got!

Hello there!  It's time for more no-nonsense organizing and decluttering.   I know it's February now so there's not as big as a push for organization going on but let's face it, if you're of the unorganized and cluttery personality type you didn't get all of your organizing and decluttering done in January.  If you did, hooray for you!  But you're probably not a truly unorganized and cluttery personality type.  :)

I ran this post last year but thought it was worth sharing again because not everyone has a pretty walk-in pantry....

Are any of you out there like me with a home lacking a pretty walk-in pantry?

I would love a walk-in pantry but instead have a built-into-the-cabinets type pantry, I'm not complaining, it's better than nothin'.

Someday, in another house, I will have one of those neat walk-in pantries painted with a pretty stencil and organized with big glass containers with cute chalkboard labels cut by a vinyl cutting machine (which I don't even have by the way).

But, I've got plenty of cabinet space so no complaints.

I have a cabinet where I keep lots of baking stuff which was terribly unorganized. The problem: large round canisters stuffed into a square space.

The last time I did a shape sorter with my 2 year old I realized that the round pieces did not fit into the square holes, why was I trying to do that in my cabinet?

Messy, Messy, Messy. Can you tell we like popcorn? None of that microwave stuff either!
There was all kinds of wasted space behind those round canisters.

I came across one of these tall square Oggi storage bins months ago at TJ Maxx on clearance for $5. I bought it thinking they'd get more in soon. They didn't.

After searching around and finding them for $29 a piece, I decided to wait on TJ's to get some more.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

They finally got some in in all different sizes... Woo Hoo!!!

I brought them home and realized my 2 smaller ones had cracks in them, thanks TJ Maxx.

So, I got 2 more big ones (which you need for a whole package of flour and sugar anyway) and a medium one.

I then started to fret as I realized that the tall ones were too tall for my cabinet! Then I left.

I came home to this.

Organizational Bliss!

Mr. Chic did it! He even labeled the new canisters! Using a no-nonsense label maker knowing I will never get around to buying chalkboard labels that will only be hidden in a cabinet. He did good, huh?!

Sometimes all it takes to find more space is to look differently at the space you've got. After getting rid of those big round canisters and a few expired food boxes I've got all kinds of empty space in this cabinet.

Mr. Chic would say just because there is empty space that doesn't mean you have to fill it Yes dear, I know. But, I will likely move some things in here (chocolate chips, sprinkles, food coloring) and make it more of a baking supply cabinet and freeing up some space in my "cooking" cabinet.

So take a second look at that cramped cabinet, I bet there might be some expired long grain rice and some recipe you cut out 3 years ago that you still haven't made, or even some round pieces in a square hole. Pitch em'... it feels really good!

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Best of January 2012

Hello, hello!  What's shakin'??

Me?  I have a fever and a runny nose, awesome!  This will make for a fun-filled weekend for me for sure. ;) 

Anywho, to cheer myself up I thought I'd write a little post about all the fun stuff I accomplished this month (since I'm not going to accomplish anything today in my cold medicine induced haze).  But really,  I  thought it'd be a good way for my friends (you) to see what you missed if you haven't stopped by in a while.

At the beginning of the month I introduced you to my new series:

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I then shared how I organized our walk-in closet.  A no-frills and budget friendly makeover.

Read about it here.

I then shared how I started organizing paper clutter... and believe me, we have a ton!!

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I also shared my 2012 Home Goals list and confessed that my 2011 Home Goals list was an epic fail.

Click here to see my list, I can already cross this one off!! 

Next, I shared how to organize a command station using Dollar Store baskets.

Click here to read about it!

I then shared how I organized my medicine cabinet using Dollar Store baskets (again!).

Click here and read about.

 Next, I shared how being organized can save you money... couponing for regular people, not extreme couponers.

Click here to read about it.

I shared how I've been avoiding costly accountant fees for tax filing for the past several years.  Click here to find out.

And finally,  my hubby, Mr. Chic, shares with you how he stained our oak stair railing and banisters. (I can cross it off my Home Goals 2012 list, YaHoo!!)

Click here to read the tutorial.

I'm so glad you stopped by so we could catch up!  Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway, a sterling silver tiny heart ring by Cherry Creek Designs.  Enter HERE.

Original Tiny Heart Ring - 1 ring
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