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My New Easter Bunny

Hey there!  How's it going?  Are you all ready for Easter?  I can't believe it's only a week away!  I'm so thankful that it's in April this year, Easter in March just seems entirely too early for me, how about you?

This year I'm really trying not to buy any new holiday decor.  This may sound silly to some but to decorating addicts like me, this is a big deal.  If I had the storage space and extra cash, I could buy all new holiday decorations for every holiday every year.  I've never done this but believe me, I could.  

Over the past 11 years we've been married  I've picked up a few things each year for the holidays (except Christmas, I think I buy like 1 million decorations each year for Christmas ;)  that's a whole other post).  

Anyway, I've got plenty to work with for each holiday so I'm trying to work with what I've got and not add to my stash.  However, I allow myself one item per holiday if I find something really great.  So much for holding myself accountable, right? :)

This Easter I really thought I was going to make it on my own stash, I'm not really into the whole bunny and chicks thing.  Then I saw this:

I am a sucker for burlap and script printed fabric....

Plus, the Easter eggs are perfectly colored!

Who could resist that face??

I found him at TJ Maxx (big surprise) and I actually passed him up the first time I saw him sticking to my no new holiday decor rule.


he was there when I went back (that never happens at TJ's)!  And, this time I had a gift card that was a birthday present burning a hole in my pocket.  So really, I didn't even buy him, he was a birthday present!  So it kind of doesn't count as me buying a new holiday decoration, right? ;)

It was meant to be! :)

Did you buy any Easter bunnies this season or are you trying to cut back like me?

Flaunt it Friday 97!

Hey party people!  Another week has passed and it's already time to flaunt your good stuff!

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Spring Front Door Decor

Hello!  Can you smell it??  Spring is in the air!  I think it's here to stay! (crossing fingers)

The other day I put together an easy spring bouquet for my front door.  Usually I just stick a forsythia wreath on the door and call it decorated.  This year I wanted to try something different.

If you'll remember a few weeks ago my sponsor Nanci of Willow House gave away one of these cute Willow House Welcome baskets.  One of my sweet readers, Tracy, won the giveaway.  She received the basket and it wouldn't work on her front door because of her screen door, she emailed me and asked if she could send it to me as a gift.  I was like, are you sure??  She was sure so I graciously accepted.  What a sweetheart... my readers (aka: friends) are the best!!

The welcome basket is really cute and I especially like the little chalkboard sign.  I love being able to personalize it for the season.

I wanted to write in my "fanciest" handwriting (whatever that is), but you know what I mean, right?  I found out it is really hard to write "fancy" with a square ended piece of chalk.  I tried to buy a chalk marker but couldn't find one at Hob Lob so was stuck with the old school stuff.  It gives me a whole new appreciation for my grade school teachers and their very neat and fancy cursive handwriting on the blackboards... back in my day we didn't have fancy "smart boards" and dry erase boards, the poor teachers had to use plain old chalk and us kids would have to take the erasers outside and bang them together to "clean" them and about suffocate on all that chalk dust andddd... I had to walk uphill in the snow to school and uphill in the snow to get back home while carrying a 50lb back pack because our backpacks didn't have roller wheels like nowadays....  ;)

I was going to write "Happy Easter" but after I had so much trouble just making this look legible (definitely not fancy) I decided I didn't want to have to re-write something new when Easter is over pretty soon.

I already had some faux forsythia and pussywillow branches on hand, a great spring combo.  I didn't have quite enough so I grabbed some pink flowers (cherry tree blossoms?) that came in a display vase I bought from a furniture store.  They looked really tacky in the vase but I decided to try them because I needed some filler.

 First, I stuffed some paper down in the bottom of the basket to give the branches some height.

Then I just stuck in my branches and roughly arranged them.  The greatest thing about the forsythia, tacky pink flowers and pussywillow branches is that they pretty much arrange themselves.... you can't beat no fail flower arranging.

I'm so happy to have something different and super cute on my front door.  Thanks Tracy and Nanci of Willowhouse!

What are you putting on your front door this season??

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Who Wants to Guest Post Here??

Hi friends,  I am going to be taking a vacation from blogging in a few weeks and wondering if a few of you lovely readers would like to guest post?  This would be a great opportunity for you newer bloggers to get some free exposure.


Like my Flaunt it Friday party, I'm not going to be too picky about what you post about.  Just have a few requests:

  • I'd like it to be a new, original post. Meaning you wrote it and it's never been posted on your blog before.  (I don't care if you post it on your blog after about 2 weeks.)
  • It needs to be something that my readers would enjoy, decorating, diy, before and after, moneysaving tips, even a recipe is fine.  Please, just not about something you are trying to sell.
  • Make sure you introduce yourself and link back to your blog so people will be able to come and check it out.

If you'd like to guest post please email me your entire post with original pictures included in HTML format.  (in the blogger post writing screen at the top left there are 2 buttons "compose" and "html".  Click "html", then copy your entire post in html format, then paste it into an email.)

Please put "Guest Post" in your email title so it will be easy for me to find.  Send it to kateluvs2decorate {at} g mail {dot} com  

I will be accepting entries until April 8th.  Depending on how many responses I get will depend on how many I can post.  I'm hoping I at least get one. :)  

Easter Mantel on the Cheap

Hello, hello!  The unseasonably warm weather around here is making it feel more like summer instead of spring.  It's been in the 80's for the past week and the forecast  calls for continued warm weather.  We had to turn the air on, it's been crazy.  Normally this time of the year the average is in the mid fifties, heck, it snows sometimes in March.  I'm not complaining though.  I'd take lovely sunny spring days over cold snowy spring days anytime. The only trouble is that I'm spending time outside enjoying the weather with my family and not getting my work done.

Oh well, the work will always wait for me.I did manage to finish my Easter mantel recently which is no small feat.  I always struggle with my Easter mantel because of my black framed mirror over the fireplace.  The way it is attached to the wall makes it difficult impossible to move so it stays up there all year.  Easter is particularly difficult because black isn't exactly a color that screams "Happy Easter!" at ya.  I also wanted to put my mantel together using things I  already have.  I really don't need any more seasonal decorations.  Really, like, ever again. :)

Easter Spring Mantle Mantel

I've tried to do a mantel with lots of  white instead of pastels and it just looks washed out against my light beige wall color and next to the chunky black mirror.  After lots of tinkering, I think I finally have it.  I used black and green and yellow and think it's looks springy and Easter-ish enough.

First, I made some silhouettes of a bunny and chick on some cute scrapbook paper.  Since I don't have a fancy cutting machine like 99% of blogland I had to use archaic methods like a pencil and Xacto knife.  I actually cut these out last year and didn't use them.  (I don't know where I got the patterns, somewhere on line, just google "bunny silhouette and maybe you'll get lucky.)

To get the pattern on the scrapbook paper I held the paper up on my computer monitor and lightly traced with a pencil.  How lazy creative is that?!  I'm sure it is a big no-no for your computer monitor because I don't think you're supposed to touch them, ever.  But, as I've said before, I live on the edge, people.... I'm willing to take a risk like touching my computer monitor and tracing a rabbit on it if it means good, inexpensive decor.  Such a rebel!

Anywho, I used very little pressure while tracing, it worked perfectly because the light from the computer screen lit through the paper making for easy tracing.  My computer monitor lived to tell about it with no damage whatsoever.

Here's my Easter bunny...

Here's the chicky baby.

I already had these frames and I lucked out because the back inside of them looks a bit like burlap.  I just taped the scrapbook cut outs right on the back of the frame.  I know, I'm so fancy with my computer screen tracing, Xacto knife, scotch tape and naked frame backs.  This ain't called Chic on a Shoestring for nothin', huh?!

Moving on to my wreath(s).  I had the green leafy one on the mirror already but thought it needed a little somethin'.  I decided to take my scraggly looking forsythia wreath and put it behind the green leafy one to double them up.  It turned out surprisingly well, they fit together perfectly and I actually love how it looks!  Don't you love it when something so easy actually works?!

spring wreath

I added a little apothecary of bird eggs...

I also added some green candles and a little bird's nest...

The finished product...

spring mantle

Well, what do you think?  Does it look spring/easter-ish despite all the black?  It better because that mirror is not coming down. ;)

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Flaunt It Friday 96!

Hey party people!

It's been a little slow around here thanks to the unseasonably warm weather, all week in the 70's in March = me outside! But don't worry, I've got lots of fun stuff coming up soon, will be sharing my Easter/Spring mantel this weekend!

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Now, time to party! I can't wait to check out all the crafty goodness you've got for me!

Easter Peep Bouquet!

Hey there!  Well, now that St. Patrick's Day is behind us that makes it officially Easter decorating season.  We better not waste any time! :)

My talented friend Julie made this super-duper cute Easter bouquet and I just had to share it!  She was inspired pinspired by Pinterest!

She used Reese's pieces on the bottom, Peeps (obviously) and some faux flowers.  She used a foam flower insert in the bottom so she wouldn't have to use as many Reese's pieces.  She is not a blogger (but probably should be!) so I thought this was way too cute not to make it into the blogland.  I knew you all would love it! :)

Now, need to get crackin' on my own Easter decor.  It will be here before we know it!!

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Making a Bird's Nest with Flower Garland

Hello friends!  How are you on this beautiful spring morning?  Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

I am bucking the system and not talking St. Patrick's Day.  You can see my St. Patty's decor here.

I have already moved on to Easter decorating but am having some major decorator's block.  My kitchen looks like an explosion of forsythia branches, faux eggs and a random bunny here and there.  They are not playing together nicely.  Coming together more like a clown show which is so not the look I'm going for.  

Until I get this mess figured out, I though I could share one of my more successful spring looks  from 2 years ago when my blog was just a baby.  Most of you probably haven't seen it since I had about 16 followers at the time.

So here goes... may have to do this again this year if I can't bust out of this decorating slump...

On a recent trip to Home Goods (which is a big deal because the nearest one is like 2 hours away!) I found these great huge candle holders that were super duper cheap !.  When I bought them I was worried that they might be too big but I am loving them!

I got these little green birds at TJ's for $2 each and didn't even have to spray paint them. :)  I saw the same birds at Michaels for $5.99!  That's why I heart TJMaxx. :)

I thought they'd look great on my new gianormous candle holders for spring but they were just missing something....

I decided they needed nests, but not the stick kind, pretty, flowery nests.  I took some garland that I got for 50% off at Michaels and made them flowery nests.

To do this all I did was cut the 5 foot garland in half and then curled it up to the appropriate nest size.  I held it with some twist ties.  Easy stuff.

My twist tie is gold, I'm fancy, huh?!

It's just what the little birds needed.  I really like how they turned out... :)

Don't the birds look so much happier now in their flower nests.  I think they like them! :)

Flaunt if Friday 95 and $60 Vinyl Crafts Giveaway!

Hey there party people!  It doesn't seem like it's been a week since our last party, time flies when you're having fun!

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This sign below, longitude/latitude, is such a cute idea, it is all painted, no vinyl.  The longitude and latitude coordinates of your favorite place... this one is for Disneyland- so cute and creative! :)

Latitude and Longitude Wood Sign -  Typography Word Art - You Choose Location Coordinates - Your Choice of Colors

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Now, time to party!! 

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Giveaway Winner $50 to Lia Franchesca!

Hey friends!  I have been a decorating machine lately (lots of new clients!! Yay!) but wanted to drop in real quick to announce the winner of the $50 store credit to Lia Franchesca! chose #3, Carrie from My Favorite Finds!

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Sissy Frissys

Ciao for now!! :)

How to Make an Upholstered Headboard

Hi there!  Thanks for all the sweet comments about my master bedroom makeover, you sure know how to make a girl feel special.  :) 

Now, it's time to reveal some of my amazing secrets about how I put it together!

Ok, maybe they are not really amazing secrets but hopefully you'll learn something about making a headboard.

When our less than one year old bed broke last year I was very annoyed that something that should have been a decent quality piece of furniture could so easily fall apart.  While we didn't pay thousands of dollars for it, it wasn't cheap and we should've gotten several years of use out of it. 

I was so happy that it ended up being under warranty, my furniture salesman said he could have a new one delivered in less than 2 weeks.  I politely declined.  (do you really think I want another crappy bed that will fall apart in a few months?!  ummm, NO) 

We got our money back and we happily used a very small portion of what we paid for the broken bed to make our own.

I had a lot of hesitation before buying the supplies.  I was very worried that it would look cheap or like we made it ourselves (Good DIY does not look like DIY, it looks like the real deal!).  After looking at lots and lots of online tutorials and seeing mostly good results, I decided that we could do it.  (hopefully?!)

My inspiration headboard was the Raleigh from Pottery Barn. 

Raleigh Upholstered Camelback Bed & Headboard with Nailhead
Picture via Pottery Barn

You may not be able to tell easily from this picture but this headboard is much thicker than most of the DIY upholstered headboards out there.  The foam padding is fat, that's exactly what I liked about it. 

Before we got any supplies I did lots of measuring and double checking.  

Things to consider before you make an upholstered hadboard (or any headboard):
  • How tall do you want the headboard to be?  Take into account the amount of pillows you use.  Are they big Euro pillows that will cover up almost all the headboard?   If so, make it a little bigger, no sense in going to the trouble of making a nice headboard if you're going to cover most of it with pillows.
  • Will your headboard have legs or hang on the wall? 
  • Measure and re-measure the width of your mattress when your bed is made.  Yes, mattresses normally have standard sizes but are you accounting for your big poofy duvet and pillow-top mattress pad which can make your mattress look wider than the "standard king mattress size" you googled.
We decided to hang the headboard on the wall because the legs would never be seen and it would be much easier to build and upholster without having to add legs.  I decided I'd like the headboard to be slightly wider that the mattress so it would never look too skinny behind all the bedding.  
    We picked up the supplies:

  • one sheet of 3/4 inch plywood, 4'x8' for king (Lowes)
  • 2 inch thick foam (Joann's Fabric)
  • quilt batting (twin size) (Joann's)
  • fabric (Joann's) In hindsight I would have bought a good quality drop cloth at Lowes, my fabric was too stretchy.
  • Heavy-duty screws for mounting headboard to wall (Lowes)
  • 8' 2x6" to make cleat to mount headboard to wall (Lowes)
  • I made separate trips to Joann's so I could use 50% off coupons on all of the items, may be a little bit of a hassle but saved me a lot of money!

Tools you'll need:

  • Jigsaw
  • Staple gun and lots of staples
  • Hot glue gun
  • Electric carving knife (the kind for carving turkey, yes really... that kind)

We got all the supplies and it was time to cut the plywood to shape.  First, find your center on the plywood.  I finally got up the nerve to do a camelback shape instead of a plain old rectangle.  I freehanded the design template on a piece of newspaper because I didn't have any big paper around.  This wasn't fancy but worked fine.

Once I got my shape right Mr. Chic used the jigsaw to cut out one side of the camelback, we then used that piece as a stencil and cut out the other side.  Using the first piece as a stencil for the second side ensures a perfect match.


If you're going to attach it to the wall this is a good time to add the cleat to the back. Mr. Chic made a cleat to hang it because it is very sturdy and inexpensive.  They make heavy duty hangers for things like this but they start at about $40.

Mr. Chic made an angled cut down a 2x6" to make the cleat.  In the picture below you'll see the wall piece bolted into the studs of the wall.  (It was painful to watch Mr. Chic drill into my beautiful stenciled wall, but it had to be done!)  The top piece will be attached to the back of the headboard.  Our little helper decided he needed to write everyone's name on the cleat to commemorate the occasion. :)

Now it was time to bring it inside... holy cow is plywood heavy!!  Mr. Chic carried it up the stairs pretty much by himself while I hung on to the back of it and pretended to help. 

We got it our room and had just enough space to lay it down flat.  I attempted to use spray adhesive to stick the foam to the plywood, after it was stuck I would be able to trim it down to the side of the headboard. We had to use 2 pieces side by side since our headboard was pretty big. 

I read that you should use spray adhesive to attach the foam to the plywood.  I don't know what type of spray adhesive those folks were using but it ended up being a total fail for us.  It did not stick the foam to the plywood at all.   
I busted out the my hot glue gun (which I shouldv'e done in the first place) and started gluing.  At first I worried that the hot glue might somehow melt the foam a bit and distort the look of it, making it lumpy or weird.  But, it didn't mess it up at all, worked perfectly!
Now that the foam is attached you have to cut it down to the shape of your headboard.  This is where making a rectagular shaped headboard would come in really handy.  

I read that you could use a razor or serated knife cut this foam stuff.  Fail #2.  Since our foam was pretty thick, it just got all shreddy when you tried the knife and it was much to thick for the razor.  The razor pushed it down but didn't even cut it!  This is when I rememberd that the lady at Joann's Fabric busted out an electric carving knife to cut this stuff when we bought it. 

We didn't have an electric carving knife but found one at Wal-Mart for $10... sweet! 

I started carving and that little sucker worked like a charm!  I felt like an ice sculptor first shaving off the big chunks and then the little slivers and angles here and there to make sure it was even.  This step is SO important, especially if you're using the thick foam.  If you take off too much on one side you've got to do it on the otherside too.

Once the foam looked like the right shape it was time to wrap in quilting batting.  The batting can cover up little imperfections from your carving job in the foam thankfully.We found it was easiest to lay the batting flat on the ground and then put the headboard on top of it.  Pull the batting up from the sides and staple it tighly on being careful not to pull too tight and make the foam squish. 

I was able to buy a package of batting for a twin size quilt that was just barely big enough, it cost $10 which was cheaper than buying it by the yard.  We wrapped it around the headboard stapling it to the back, we barely had enough!

Then it was time for the fabric.  I chose a linen-like fabric from Joann's.  I was able to use a coupon and get it 50% off.  It seemed heavy-duty enough but then working with it we realized it really wasn't.  While I love the color I would not recommend this fabric because it seems a little too stretchy and wrinkly even after ironing. 

Choose a thick and heavy duty fabric (some have used dropcloths).  Outdoor fabric or upholstery fabric would be easiest to work with.  Make sure you have it ironed before you attach it.  We again laid the fabric down flat and put the headboard in the middle of it.  Stretch it around the headboard and start stapling.  This is a 2 person job and Mr. Chic ended up doing most of it (did you notice he's the one doing all the work in the pictures?!  Thanks, honey!). 

He is a great gift wrapper and this is kind of the same idea.  You must get it taut in just the right places.  If you pull too hard you will end up smushing in the foam a bit which can change the look of the shape.  This part was a little bit tricky.  Don't be scared to pull out staples and re-do an area if it doesn't look right.  Thank goodness I didn't choose a patterend fabric, it would make things very difficult if the fabric was too stretchy like ours was. 

I have yet to add nailhead trim and not really sure that I will.  Leaving the nailhead off will allow me to recover the headboard easily when I get sick of this one (hopefully a long time from now!)  I'm having trouble finding the larger size found on the inspiration Raleigh headboard.  I've thought of doing the smaller ones but they are SO extremely hard to get them straight.  

Even if you get the fake kind that come as a rope and you only have to nail in every 5th nail.  There always seems to be a few that are a little off when you do it yourself.   This little imperfection really isn't a big deal and adds a bit of charm but to me, it ruins it the look and screams home-made.  No offense to those of you who did your own nailhead trim.  I just have an uncanny eye for picking up on those little "charming" details and then letting them drive me crazy.  I have a problem, it's me,  not you.  :) 

Our headboard isn't perfect at all, it has lots of "charm" but I actually really love it.  It's soft and cushy and the color is perfect.

Flaunt it Friday 94!

Hello party animals!

It's already time for another Flaunt it Friday! 

Before you get your party on, please sign up HERE for my current giveaway of $50 credit to Lia Franchesca who makes beautiful hand-stamped jewelry.  This giveaway is sponsored by Sweet Lia Bella.

Tag necklace

Neutral Master Bedroom Reveal

Hello, lovely friends.  Do you ever have one of those projects that just drags on...

and on...

and on......

Yeah.  That's my master bedroom makeover.

It's been kind of done for a while and I've just been waiting until it's perfect to share it.  Dang you perfection... you're such a pain in my tookus!   

(Does anyone even say tookus anymore??  Whatever.  You know what I mean.)

I decided that it will never be "perfect" because I'm always tweaking and trying to make up my mind about switching something here or there but I've decided that it is done well enough to share.  If I wait until it's "perfect" I will never post it! 

One half of the room is "done", (nothing is ever really done when you have decorating OCD like me).  My accent wall with the stenciling and DIY upholstered headboard are complete (hooray!).I'm still working on the other side of the room, contemplating furniture painting, moving things around a little... so that will be revealed at a later date.

This makeover started many moons ago when I told you about how our new bed was starting to fall apart, luckily it was under warranty so I was able to return it.  We got our money back and I was able to talk Mr. Chic into helping me make an upholstered headboard for a fraction of what we paid for the old bed.  I'll be posting a tutorial for the upholstered headboard soon for those who want to know.

Around the same time Cutting Edge Stencils sent me a stencil of my choice which I decided to use on the accent wall of our master bedroom, behind our new upholstered headboard.  I wanted a very subtle look and I'm happy with how it turned out.  I'll be sharing a stenciling tutorial in the near future as well.

I decided to go for a monochromatic look because I think it's a nice relaxing look for a bedroom.  Also because I saw this monochromatic  master bedroom by Candice Olsen that I fell in love with (see it HERE).  I really love the natural linen fabric mixed with creams and whites so it was just kind of a no-brainer.  Plus, if I stayed in the neutral color palette it would also mean I'd only be stenciling and wouldn't have to paint the entire room.  We have a vaulted ceiling so it was a bonus to keep the color that we painted only 2 years ago.  Geesh, I'm just so practical... ;)

After all the work I am loving how it turned out.
diy upholstered headboard, linen bedding at Chic on a Shoestring Decorating blog

Here is the before, not bad but I'm liking it SO much better and so is Mr. Chic!


It's a very soft look...

Everyone needs a tray for flowers on their bed don't cha think?

This monogrammed pillow was a great deal from Ballard Designs, ($14.99 including monogram and down insert!)  I chose a fancier, scrolly type font but they messed it up and sent this all caps font instead, when I called to have it fixed they then sent me a burlap pillow cover with the correct font style.  I like burlap but it didn't match, and it's not what I ordered (again).

Ballard, seriously, what the heck are you doing?!   

When I called about that one being burlap they told me that the original color pillow that I wanted was sold out and discontinued (which matches my bedding perfect of course).  Awww man!!

  I decided to keep the first one because it matches so well.  The font is growing on me a little bit.  I really just like the size and color of the pillow too much for the font to matter. 

And, besides all the mess-ups I'm still a big Ballard fan... LOVE their style, and my pillow... even with the wrong font style.

  The light from the lamp really accentuates the Anna Damask stencil pattern from Cutting Edge Stencil.  I used a shimmery color similar to my wall color for a subtle look. 

DIY upholstered headboard, anna damask stencil wall at Chic on a Shoestring Decorating blog

I am still swooning over mercury glass and fell in love with these lamps from TJ Maxx.  They have the exact same lamps at a furniture store here in town for quadruple what I paid for them. 

*Note to self:  Never buy lamps at a furniture store!!

Yes, I staged our bedside tables. I figured you wouldn't want to see our ugly alarm clocks, phones, stacks of decorating magazines and catalogs and Mr. Chic's bottle of Tums. ;)

But we can just pretend it always looks like this, right?  Shhh, it'll be our little secret...

This ruffly throw adds some texture.

The shot below really lets you see how the light brings the stencil to life, it is a more subtle shimmer with just the natural lighting.

I decided to leave the transom window above the bed nekked.  I had tried some treatments up there and just really didn't like them at all.  Leaving the window open lets the nice natural light shine in and allows the stencil wall to stand out.  It makes for tricky picture taking though, hard to take pics shooting right at a window!

These mirrors were from TJ Maxx and were very inexpensive.  The 2 on each end are exactly like the small Bellesol Mirror from Ballard which are $39 a piece, I paid less than half.  I love it when that happens!!

DIY upholstered headboard, anna damask stencil wall at Chic on a Shoestring Decorating blog

This makeover was very inexpensive as I used gift cards and and many things that I already had.  

Here is a run-down of where things came from:

Lamps: TJ Maxx
Bedding Duvet cover with 3 Euro shams:  Free from Furniture Row, I received a free bedding set of my choice with my mattress purchase.   
Tray: Furniture Row
Throw: TJ Maxx
White Decorative Pillows:  Tuesday Mornings a long time ago, used them with my last bedding set.
Monogram Pillow: Ballard Designs
3 Circle Mirrors:  TJ Maxx

All of the stuff on our bedside tables were things I've had sitting around my house.  I will share paint color when I do my stenciling tutorial.  As I mentioned I will also do a tutorial on about our DIY upholstered headboard in another post. 

Well, I hope you liked my big half-room reveal.  What projects are dragging on and on for you??

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