Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Neutral Master Bedroom Reveal

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Neutral Master Bedroom Reveal

Hello, lovely friends.  Do you ever have one of those projects that just drags on...

and on...

and on......

Yeah.  That's my master bedroom makeover.

It's been kind of done for a while and I've just been waiting until it's perfect to share it.  Dang you perfection... you're such a pain in my tookus!   

(Does anyone even say tookus anymore??  Whatever.  You know what I mean.)

I decided that it will never be "perfect" because I'm always tweaking and trying to make up my mind about switching something here or there but I've decided that it is done well enough to share.  If I wait until it's "perfect" I will never post it! 

One half of the room is "done", (nothing is ever really done when you have decorating OCD like me).  My accent wall with the stenciling and DIY upholstered headboard are complete (hooray!).I'm still working on the other side of the room, contemplating furniture painting, moving things around a little... so that will be revealed at a later date.

This makeover started many moons ago when I told you about how our new bed was starting to fall apart, luckily it was under warranty so I was able to return it.  We got our money back and I was able to talk Mr. Chic into helping me make an upholstered headboard for a fraction of what we paid for the old bed.  I'll be posting a tutorial for the upholstered headboard soon for those who want to know.

Around the same time Cutting Edge Stencils sent me a stencil of my choice which I decided to use on the accent wall of our master bedroom, behind our new upholstered headboard.  I wanted a very subtle look and I'm happy with how it turned out.  I'll be sharing a stenciling tutorial in the near future as well.

I decided to go for a monochromatic look because I think it's a nice relaxing look for a bedroom.  Also because I saw this monochromatic  master bedroom by Candice Olsen that I fell in love with (see it HERE).  I really love the natural linen fabric mixed with creams and whites so it was just kind of a no-brainer.  Plus, if I stayed in the neutral color palette it would also mean I'd only be stenciling and wouldn't have to paint the entire room.  We have a vaulted ceiling so it was a bonus to keep the color that we painted only 2 years ago.  Geesh, I'm just so practical... ;)

After all the work I am loving how it turned out.
diy upholstered headboard, linen bedding at Chic on a Shoestring Decorating blog

Here is the before, not bad but I'm liking it SO much better and so is Mr. Chic!


It's a very soft look...

Everyone needs a tray for flowers on their bed don't cha think?

This monogrammed pillow was a great deal from Ballard Designs, ($14.99 including monogram and down insert!)  I chose a fancier, scrolly type font but they messed it up and sent this all caps font instead, when I called to have it fixed they then sent me a burlap pillow cover with the correct font style.  I like burlap but it didn't match, and it's not what I ordered (again).

Ballard, seriously, what the heck are you doing?!   

When I called about that one being burlap they told me that the original color pillow that I wanted was sold out and discontinued (which matches my bedding perfect of course).  Awww man!!

  I decided to keep the first one because it matches so well.  The font is growing on me a little bit.  I really just like the size and color of the pillow too much for the font to matter. 

And, besides all the mess-ups I'm still a big Ballard fan... LOVE their style, and my pillow... even with the wrong font style.

  The light from the lamp really accentuates the Anna Damask stencil pattern from Cutting Edge Stencil.  I used a shimmery color similar to my wall color for a subtle look. 

DIY upholstered headboard, anna damask stencil wall at Chic on a Shoestring Decorating blog

I am still swooning over mercury glass and fell in love with these lamps from TJ Maxx.  They have the exact same lamps at a furniture store here in town for quadruple what I paid for them. 

*Note to self:  Never buy lamps at a furniture store!!

Yes, I staged our bedside tables. I figured you wouldn't want to see our ugly alarm clocks, phones, stacks of decorating magazines and catalogs and Mr. Chic's bottle of Tums. ;)

But we can just pretend it always looks like this, right?  Shhh, it'll be our little secret...

This ruffly throw adds some texture.

The shot below really lets you see how the light brings the stencil to life, it is a more subtle shimmer with just the natural lighting.

I decided to leave the transom window above the bed nekked.  I had tried some treatments up there and just really didn't like them at all.  Leaving the window open lets the nice natural light shine in and allows the stencil wall to stand out.  It makes for tricky picture taking though, hard to take pics shooting right at a window!

These mirrors were from TJ Maxx and were very inexpensive.  The 2 on each end are exactly like the small Bellesol Mirror from Ballard which are $39 a piece, I paid less than half.  I love it when that happens!!

DIY upholstered headboard, anna damask stencil wall at Chic on a Shoestring Decorating blog

This makeover was very inexpensive as I used gift cards and and many things that I already had.  

Here is a run-down of where things came from:

Lamps: TJ Maxx
Bedding Duvet cover with 3 Euro shams:  Free from Furniture Row, I received a free bedding set of my choice with my mattress purchase.   
Tray: Furniture Row
Throw: TJ Maxx
White Decorative Pillows:  Tuesday Mornings a long time ago, used them with my last bedding set.
Monogram Pillow: Ballard Designs
3 Circle Mirrors:  TJ Maxx

All of the stuff on our bedside tables were things I've had sitting around my house.  I will share paint color when I do my stenciling tutorial.  As I mentioned I will also do a tutorial on about our DIY upholstered headboard in another post. 

Well, I hope you liked my big half-room reveal.  What projects are dragging on and on for you??

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  1. It wasn't bad before... but the after is amazing! I want a new bedroom now!

  2. oh my goodness, that stenciled wall is just... unbelievably gorgeous, like the most gorgeous wall I've ever seen. The room looks so welcoming and calming!

  3. LOVE your bedroom!!! LOVE the stencil!!! Awesome look you have going on in there!! Nancy

  4. You have done an amazing job! The bed looks so inviting, that throw perfect for snuggled!
    When I decide I'm a proper grown up, this is the type of room I'd like.

    Oh, and super job on the stencilling, so impressed!

  5. Love your bedroom redo. Looks great! I have many things to do on my list since I just moved into a fairly new home. First thing is to paint and then decorate.......

  6. Gorgeous! I love the stenciled wall, the bedding, lamps - well, everything! Great job!!

    -sara @

  7. Kate GREAT JOB as always !!!!!! Love your ideas...

  8. It's a warm and cozy space Kate. Love the bedding and your colour palette.

  9. It looks fabulous.. Those are my colors so to my eyes its perfect.

    enjoy every moment in your beautiful room. Sweet Dreams

  10. Ah-may-zing!!! That is so seriously gorgeous, the way the wall goes with the bedding, and the airy colors. (sigh...)

  11. looks great. I am in love with your wall and your lamps. I think damask and mercury glass are my favorite things! And thanks for telling about the pillow! I have been looking for one forever. I am on as we speak :)

  12. Wow the stencil looks lovely! Can't wait for the tutorial on that one! I love the bedding you chose as well, very pretty!

  13. I am also in the master bedroom makeover that drags on for "years". I have been buying the things I want for two years now and still I'm not ready to finish it up. UGH! Money...

    I am LOVING what you have done. I have a lot of the same ideas going on. Stencil on the back wall, mirrors, etc. You have done a wonderful job!

  14. It looks beautiful! Almost like an upscale hotel room.

  15. It's just beautiful! I love the stenciling and the bedding is gorgeous! Well done!
    XO Cindy

  16. I am very jealous. It is just beautiful.

  17. Kay, I could just crawl right in! Such a soft and serene room. GORGEOUS! You attention to detail is perfection. I really like the ballard pillow. You are right it goes very well and brings a little depth to the room.
    Kudos to you!!!! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  18. It is beautiful! I love the pallet you went with and the damask wall paper is just divine!

  19. Incredible Makeover! Lovin' the stencil and your bedding and well...everything is wonderful!
    Newest follower

  20. I love that stenciled wall and the bed is gorgeous. I had Ballards mess up an order of mine, too. That is probably why there are so many monogrammed items for sale at their outlet stores. I would have to put something over the transom window because I cannot have any light coming in when I am trying to sleep. It looks great though.

  21. Your bedroom is so GORGEOUS!!!! I LOVE the stenciled wall....absoutely stunning!!!

    PS. I am now following you on Google....hope
    you will follow me back :o)

  22. LOVE it all! This looks straight out of a magazine! My favorite thing has GOT to be the wall. OMG, I want it all over my house!

  23. gorgeous bedroom. great job.
    cheryl xox.

  24. Seriously Beautiful! I love it!

  25. It's wonderful!! I love the stencil and the monochromatic color scheme - you did good!!

    I've had a major make-over that is taking FOREVER!! I decided to redecorate my entire house and it is just too much for one person - painting, making window treatments, moving furniture, re-accessorizing - and everything else. Perhaps I'll finish one area at a time and start posting about it. LOL!!


  26. Your bedroom is gorgeous Kate! Love the stenciled wall. Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  27. Your master bedroom is just stunning. I love the stenciled wall and the bedding is gorgeous too. I love the new softer look. Huge transformation...worth the wait. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign. BTW I haven't heard the word tookus since high was my best friend's favorite word. You brought back memories for me this morning. Lol

  28. Love the nuetral colors it looks so peaceful! I would love it if you could come share at my linky party!

  29. Your bedroom turned out just beautiful! It looks like a room you would see in a lovely resort somewhere. So serene and inviting. Enjoy all your labor of love.

  30. Kate, it is beautiful! My favorite parts are the stencil (unbelievable!!) and the lamps (subtly different from the old ones but a big impact!). You've done awesome, girl!

  31. I Love Love Love your bedroom...and if you don't mind...I think I will completely copy it from head to toe...since I already have a head start with the tums...and I like to to be able to reuse what I have on hand! All kidding is gorgeous!!

  32. Kate, I LOVE your new neutral bedroom! It looks just right. :)

  33. absolutely beautiful and so serine love it

  34. Your bedroom before was very nice but it is FABULOUS now... really great job! Love the stencilled wall, your bedding and all the accessories you chose, especially the lanp all the wall mirrors. Thanks for sharing.


  35. Oh my goodness! I agree with the others, your before looked great, but your after looks A.MAZ.ING! I love the stencil, the bedding, the monogrammed pillow, the mercury lamps, the "staged nightstands" :o) ....all of it! (oh...and your fun sense of humor that shows in your narration :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  36. I absolutely love the stenciling!!! You did a great job. The flowers and throw on the bed make it extra special and I love the monogrammed pillow!

  37. Beautiful!
    ... lovely transformation :)

    Greetings from Australia♥

  38. Your bedroom will be one of the features at Wow tonight.

  39. Absolutely beautiful. I will be featuring your bedroom tonight at my Winter Blues Wednesday party that opens at 8pm EST tonight. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.

  40. I L-O-V-E your bedroom! I saw it featured at "Wow Us Wednesday"...just beautiful. I can't wait to see the posts you do on the wall and headboard too. As far as the pillow goes, it was one of the main things that drew my eye to your room...I now realize it wasn't really what you wanted but it looks wonderful. It reminds me that I cried for 3 days after my daughter's wedding because not everything turned out like I had planned (for a year) but everyone else just said how great it was.

  41. I love your bedroom. You did a great job. Hope there might be some lamps left at TJMAX like yours. Everything went together so nicely. You have great taste.

  42. I really enjoyed seeing your stenciled wall. I just bought a similar one from Cutting Edge, and I am eager to get going on it. I am visiting from WOW.

  43. This is amazing! I just finished my bedroom too!!


  44. Your comments are so fun! Very WOW-ed by your work :)

  45. Love, love your bedroom redo!!! I have been trying to decide what colors to use in my bedroom makeover. You've inspired me and I wait anxiously for the 'how to' and paint colors on the stenciling. AND you are budget consious .. I love TJ Maxx, Ballards and used to go to Tuesday Morning, but haven't in some time. I've not heard of Furniture Row???

  46. I'm just now seeing this. It is absolutely beautiful! You did such an incredible job with the stenciling...I can't imagine. I LOVE the headboard too. Would love to have one! The bedding and the entire room is gorgeous.


  47. I am sooo looking forward to your stencil daughter NEEDS that done in her room....NEEDS.... :)

  48. That's a fabulous way to go about things! I am so ecstatic about the fact that I get to go about decorating a master bedroom! I hope it will look as incredible as yours!

  49. Your bedroom looks beautiful. I'm a big fan of neutral colors. Love the tray of flowers on the bed, nice touch :)

  50. love your makeover! I have just changed our bed covers for a similar look, your stencilling is fab!

  51. Great article..It is very beneficial to home decoration.
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  52. Hello, I just recently found your blog:) Your bedroom looks lovely and I especially love the stencil that you did on your wall. I have used this same Anna Damask stencil in my foyer. I really like that shimmer that you added, is that metallic paint? My colors are very similar to your with the neutrals but I aged mine with a dark glaze. Come over and take a peak. Love your blog!

  53. Katie, I can not believe that the wall is stenciled! And that you found bedding that really compliments the wall. It was worth all the effort in the end.


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