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Flaunt it Friday 142

Wow, March 1st!  Whoopee!!! 

I don't know about you but as a Midwestern girl, March always signals the end of Winter for me.  This is pretty ridiculous though because March is a total crapshoot as far as weather goes.  Sometimes it's sunny, warm and lovely... just like Spring should be.  Other times, there is a blizzard.  Not so Spring-like. 

But, with the start of March I know that the warm weather is right around the corner... hopefully.  I'll just fool myself into believing that it could be tomorrow even though we still have snow on the ground.

Let's party for March 1st!  Woot!

Flaunt it Friday 141

Hey party people!  It is snowing up-in-here!  I guess it's outside but still.  My oldest is praying for a snow day.  No really, he asked Jesus for a snow day tomorrow during bedtime prayers.  Such sweet innocence. We haven't even had one this year.  Not one!  And we didn't have one last year either.  Total bummer for a kid to go an entire school year without a snow day.  At least it is in these parts.  We shall see I guess...

Either way, we are still going to party tonight like there is no school tomorrow.  Woot! Woot!

Paint and B+ Curtains

Hi there.

Well, I should probably be totally fired as a blogger for slacking these past couple of weeks but hey, it happens.  I have tons of projects going (as usual) and I also have some exciting news that I'll be announcing soon and it's been taking a little of my time. (no, not another baby ;)

The good thing about blogging is that you can take a little break when you want to and you don't have to answer to anyone but yourself.  I'm not going to fire myself, that would be lame.  Hopefully, you guys won't fire me either, that would be lame too.

Anyway, I'm going to get back into the swing of things around here.  I'm going to start with some randomness.  Randomness is always good.

Mr. Chic painted the newest big boy room yesterday.  I love the color but now the room looks like this:

Can you say, Hot Mess?

I can't believe I even watermarked that.  Look at the curtains, they are from our old house and I hung them  to keep the light out because I sold his nursery curtains.  They are a foot short but they are not there for looks and are going away soon... please don't judge. ;)

But did you see that big thing behind the lamp in there?  That's a farmhouse style twin bed.  Mr. Chic made it!  It's gonna be sweeeeet...  I can't wait to tell you and show you all about it!

Lots of work left in there but I'm getting to the fun part, the decorating!!

I'm also doing a little makeover in the living room, right now I'm struggling with finding great curtains that don't cost one million dollars.  I can find tons of  amazing curtains but most of them cost a cool million (ok, maybe not that much but they might as well because they are way too expensive for me).  I'm on my 6th set.

6th set of curtains!  That might be ridiculous....

Granted, I tried lots of curtains that I already have on hand (musical curtains anyone?).  So I haven't actually bought 6 sets of curtains.  I'm still not sold on the best ones I've founds so far.  They are fine.  But only fine.  I want them to be amazing!

Curtains on the left get a D, Curtains on the right get a B+ and are my first choice at this time.  BUT, I'm still looking because they are just kind of blah.  This bad picture makes them look super-blah.  But, you get the idea.

Where do you find A curtains for less than a million bucks?  I might have to make my own at this rate....

Thanks for sticking with me through these past lazy unproductive blogging weeks.  You guys are the best! :)

Flaunt it Friday 140!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  To be honest, I'm kinda glad this holiday is a few hours away from being over.  I was not really feeling my Valentine's decor this year, I didn't even blog about it.  Now that it's over I feel like I can break out some Spring decor and I couldn't be more ready.

I will probably try to hold off until March because it isn't looking or feeling like Spring around here but once March hits the weather can go either way, sunny and 60 or a blizzard!  That's the fun part about living in the Midwest, we know how to be crazy with our weather. ;)

So, now it's time to party.  Are you linking up Valentine's or are you so over it like I am... (but, don't let that stop you from linking up your good Valentine's Day stuff, I'm ok if you're not over it.)

Flaunt it Friday 139!

Hey there!  What's shakin'??

Today I played musical curtains. I posted earlier on Facebook that I first put up and then removed my dining room curtains and fought them for 10 minutes to get them back in their packages. Next, moved living room curtains to dining room (success!), then tried 2 different curtains in the living room (curtain fail!), then moved master bedroom curtains to living room (ok for now), now to try curtain fails in my bedroom.  Are you confused yet? I am.

Fun times at my place. ;)  Good thing it's time for a party!

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