Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Cheap Lamp Makeover, Wal-Mart Style

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Cheap Lamp Makeover, Wal-Mart Style

Ok, I'll just tell you right off the bat that if you're expecting a tutorial on cheaply re-doing your lamp using burlap and ribbon this is not the post for you.  This is just a Wal-Mart lamp makeover... no crafting involved, but it's still pretty cheap. 

This brushed nickel lamp came with us from the old house, I still like it and it still matches okay but the shade is just SO totally plain and white.  I don't have much white in this room so it just wasn't working for me.  

I know there are tons of tutorials on re-doing lamp shades with fabric, beads, etc. but knowing me, Mrs.Champagne-Taste-On-A-Beer-Budget, I would pick out the most expensive fabric (I have no fabric scraps around since I don't sew).  Then, I wouldn't cut the fabric straight so I'd be wasting my crazy expensive fabric.  Then if it happened that I did get the fabric cut straight I wouldn't be able to stretch it tightly around the shade... there'd be wrinkles and all kinds of unsightly problems.  Then, I would probably burn myself with the glue gun while crookedly attaching the ribbon and it would just be a big mess.  It would also take me like 3 hours because I'm  a perfectionist and wouldn't be able to get it perfect (plus, when do I have 3 hours??) and then it would look like a rookie job and I wouldn't want it in my house. 

Anyway, knowing how I am with these things I decided it would be much easier to just look for a new inexpensive lampshade.  I have been looking for the past several months but everything was too pricey.  I was super excited to find this new item at Wal-Mart of all places! 

It is a pretty shiny taupe color with black trim... love it!!

Over the past year Wal-Mart has started carrying Better Homes & Gardens housewares.  I've been very impressed with the BHG styles and prices. This good sized lamp shade was $13!   Normally the boring plain ones this size are at least $19, even at Wal-Mart.  What a super price and I'm SO happy with the results! 

For me to buy the fabric and ribbon would have been close to $13, maybe even more depending on the crazy expensive fabric I'd be sure to pick out, PLUS I definitely think my time (and sanity!) is worth $13... this was money well spent!

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  1. love it, so lucky to have you as my designer:-)

  2. Ya gotta love those knd of finds! I bought a BH&G cute plastic green cup to use in my kids bathroom. Really cute! Really cheap!

  3. I've been really surprised by all the really cute BH & G stuff at Walmart lately. Love the prices.

  4. Looks great.. isnt it wonderful how a simple inexpensive change makes a world of difference.

  5. So cute!!! I actually have the same lampshade in my laundry room only it's a different shape. I love the trim. You would never guess it was from Walmart!! Love the new look of your lamp. Great job :)

  6. I LOVE your honesty about making a lamp shade! You are so funny. I am such a perfectionist too and these projects always take longer than I think they will because of it. I have to say that I've been loving the Better Homes and Gardens as well as the Canopy line at Wal Mart. They are nice and affordable.

  7. Sometimes it's just easier to wait it out and buy what you want...looks very nice!

  8. Great find! Wish my Walmart carried better stuff! Oh well! I also have a k-mart - the only two choices in this small town.

  9. I could relate to all of your comments on your post, since I don't sew (nor do I wish to learn;-)) and I think you landed a Fabulous find!! So what if it came from Wally World?? People need to get over the designer store/label deal, and just get on with the overall appearance and functionality of a piece. Great choice, btw for your lamp. Enjoy in good health!


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