Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Cabinet Organization 3 Months Late :)

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Cabinet Organization 3 Months Late :)

So, I feel like I'm very behind on the times as I'm posting my first organizing post in March and it seems it was the thing to do back in January.  Oh well, at least I organized something. :)

When we moved in last summer I was really excited to be getting a lot more cabinet space.  Our new medicine cabinet is twice the size of our old one with much easier access.  We used to have it in one of those odd cabinets in the corner that has a skinny door that is a quarter of the size of the cabinet, then you have to crane your neck to see what the heck is back in that corner.  I thought surely we'd have much more room in this cabinet, it's about 3 times the size of the old one and it was wide open so it'd stay nice and tidy,  yeah... right.

I am SO completely embarassed to be showing you all this picture of our medicine cabinet.  I was so tempted to straighten it up a little bit as to not scare and disgust you but I wanted it to be real, no editing.  This is what it looked like at it's worst... those with faint hearts and weak stomachs look away!

Holy cow, we look like druggies! 

This is really what it looked like and I'm blaming it all on my dear hubby, (sorry babe!) :)  I tried to organize it when we moved in but he never quite got the set up (which wasn't very good anyway) so if he needed something he would just start rifling through it and it would end up looking like this.  Nice, huh. :)

I went to the Dollar Store and got me some fancy plastic baskets.  I then made sure they fit in my weird size cabinet... to my shock, they did!  I then prettied them up with dog tags and ribbon...

and Waa-Laaa!

I made 3 baskets like this and one smaller one to fit in the weird leftover space in the front.  The end result is lovely but the lighting of my picture is not, it was a cloudy day.

And, it's actually stayed like this for a month!!  Sweeeeeet!!  It works!  Even the insides of the baskets are staying neat, amazing!  I feared that hubs would revert to old bad habits but he puts everything back in the right basket, he loves organization. Guess I need to organize more often! :)

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  1. That is such a FANTASTIC idea! My medicine cabinet is HUGE and everything gets all tossed around it we can never find anything. I am so going to try this!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


    Robin :o)

  2. I wish I had that much space in my medicine cabinet. I love the dog tags. Isn't it great how you can make things like your medicine cute?! It looks great.

  3. How cute. Very Potterybarnesque looking. I have one large, messy basket that I use, overflowing with OTC stuff. Mostly Midol - go figure:)

  4. Your blog is adorable! And I am allll about decorating with very little cash. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! I appreciate your input. I look forward to following you and keeping up with your ideas and projects.

  5. Love this idea. I'm so gonna copy you! I love the dog tags. I have a closet project I was pondering, and the dog tags will work for that, and now, well, I gotta do the medicine cabinet too...

  6. Katie I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! How cool! I am definitely all about the black & white damask theme too!

  7. I am stopping by from FF & hope you have a great Friday..I am following..

  8. Love this. Wish my hubby liked to be organized. He's a genius but somehow organization never made a place in his brain. I still use the baskets myself and then pick up after him. Thanks for stopping by. I started to add that tip you suggested of pick up from your home. I had too many packages this time so I just dropped them all off at once. I haven't recvd my fees yet so holding breath on that one. Still better than trying to sell in yard sale I think. Have a great weekend!

  9. What a great idea! Happy Friday Follow - I'm now a follower! :)

  10. Happy Saturday!! I am a New Friday Follower!!


  11. Happy Late Friday Follow! I'm your newest follower...if you get a chance, please follow me too! Have a great weekend!

  12. Great idea!

    Stopping by to say Hi and Happy Follow Friday! Now following you!
    I have a whole bunch of giveaways going on if you wanted to check them out!

  13. That's the true test of any system...surpassing the one month mark proves it's as great an idea as it looks! ; )

  14. Wow, what a great system. Can you come over and help me next? :0)

    Thanks for linking up with Friday Follow and so glad you joined in this week! I am now your blog follower. See you again this Friday.

    ~ Lynn

  15. Wow, that before photo looks just like my cabinet! lol
    Found you through the Friday Follow. As I always say, better late than never!
    Your newest follower~
    Lisa @ All That and a Box of Rocks

  16. Looks great!

    I'm a bit late but am a new follower through Friday Follow.

    Hope to see you!

  17. I love your "balls" (lol) on the top pic. I have similar ones in a bowl on my dining room table. Where did you get yours? I got mine in Tampa a few years ago.

  18. Thanks about the decorative balls, lol. :) The middle one is from Gordman's and the end 2 are from Hobby Lobby. I got them all probably within the past 6 months.

    Thanks for the comments! :)

  19. Hi there!

    We are already followers of your blog but just wanted to stop by to check out your site again and say hello. :)

  20. so I love the black and white, and I just took a picture of my medicine cabniet for a post I am doing but I am not doing organizing lol but I did clean my upstairs bathroom closet today. I love your tag idea, may use it, Have a great weekend, I am following you from friday follow, if you get the time check out my blog,

  21. The labels are a great idea. I should do that with the boxes I have on my toiletry shelf in my hall cabinet. Now if you want a scare...yikes!! It's time to organize it again.

  22. Ok so didn't really know you did all this Katie!! I love it!! I so need help with organization, my sister got that gene, not ME!! I love this medicine cabinet idea, actually I have a few of these baskets in ours already, BUT they are not marked and I don't have enough!!

    So, stupid question, where do you get the "dog tags"? like in a scrap book section?

    I'm so going to read more of your ideas and hope they help me with my small house and little storage:)

    Can't wait to see everyone in Mom's Group again soon!



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