Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Flaunt it Friday #29 and What to do about Photobucket??

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Flaunt it Friday #29 and What to do about Photobucket??

If you were on my blog earlier today you may have noticed that it was a hot mess of "exceeded photobucket bandwidth" signs.  Sorry about that! 

I found out that my blog exceeded the amount of clicks per month for the free photobucket account.  Apparently you get so many clicks per month, if you exceed it it will go into "hot mess" mode until it hits 30 days and then it starts over and all the pictures go back to normal.   Mine wasn't going to reset for another week! 

So... this is a bad thing and a good thing.  Bad in that it totally messed up my blog and to fix it I need to "upgrade to photobucket pro" which really means pay photobucket a crummy fee every month.  Good in that it means my blog is getting lots and lots of clicks! 

I spent a lot of time googling my bandwidth trouble and didn't really find a good option to fix it so paid for one month and got my blog back to normal.

Any of you have any good options for this kind of trouble??  I don't want to pay for photobucket if I don't have to... hey, I don't call myself chic on a shoestring for nothin'! ;)

So, sorry if you stopped by during my photobucket bandwidth hot mess.... all is well now. :) 

Time to party!!!


  1. Oh gosh! That's a lot of work AND money to fix your Photobucket problem. Sorry!

    Your blog looks great.

  2. That stinks!! Hope you can get it taken care of! Thanks for hosting!

  3. Have you tried just uploading your images from your files on your computer rather than an outside source? I had issues with Photobucket as well and it was a pain in the bum, so I feel your pain.

  4. I don't know why but my picture has a red cross instead of a number. I guess I did it wrong, I am new to all of this.

  5. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for hosting this great party
    Have had so much fun checking out your blog
    I am also your newest official follower
    Would be so thrilled if you stopped by to visit me, and would be honoured if you would maybe even followed me, too

  6. Darn on photobucket! I'm not sure what to do, but I'm probably facing the same thing soon. I'm going to see if there are any alternatives and will let you know. Thanks for paying to have all of us over!

  7. Kate - you're so right, HomeGoods is way better than Disney world :)
    I've actually only been to a HomeGoods once on a trip to Florida. I wanted to take so many things home but could only get a few things that could travel in my suitcase... I would be broke if I lived near one.

    Thanks for coming by and for being a follower -- it is an honour :)

    I'll be back soon!

  8. What a mess. Not sure what you can do....let us know what you figure out.

  9. WHA?!?! Seriously? Photobucket is a pain! I've looked into it a bit. Because like you I don't want to pay for image hosting. 2 things I learned: in your html code, you should "refer" it to something at your blog site or post etc. NOT the photobucket image. The image source of course will be the PB image, just not the redirect. Make sense? That way people wont be clicking your photobucket account all day. Cuz really, you want them clicking your site, right?
    Also, as much as I hate to keep endorsing Google... it hostes Picasa and you can host your images through Picasa or both Picasa and Photobucket if you get too much memory usage. And along those lines, you can resize your images to smaller file size but still good image quality before you upload them to photobucket, then you wont be using so much photobucket memory... And, you could have 2 PB accounts with different emails linked to each but both host images for the site.
    Anyways, long winded but you can always email me if you are confused by what I have mentioned :). Cuz man, everybody is starting to ask for cash out there, darn it! I just switched over from inlinkz to linky tools because inlinkz is going to start charging too, darn it!

  10. Thats good advise from Allie. I may try that! Thanks for hosting Kate!

  11. ICK! I hate that for you! Glad you got it fixed, sorry you had to pay for it though. That stinks!

    Thanks for hosting! Have a great weekend!


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