Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: I'm dreaming of a Mom Cave...

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I'm dreaming of a Mom Cave...

Super-talented Centsational Girl is hosting a Mom Cave contest by the most wonderful place on Earth… HomeGoods! (I‘ve said before, it‘s like Disneyland to me!)

The question... How would I use a $250 gift card from HomeGoods for my Mom Cave?

First, I've got a "cave" with a comfy couch just waiting for me, but I'll warn you, it isn't pretty….

Because I’m the only girl in the house I recently started an interior decorating business I really need a space just for me.  My husband agreed this is necessary for my sanity business so we cleaned out most of the junk so I can get started on my office Mom Cave (don't tell hubby!).

If I win I’d start by heading to HomeGoods to pick out a piece that I absolutely love…

Could be anything…

last 2 pics courtesy

From there the room would evolve around my inspirational “love” piece… paint color, accessories, furniture, everything.

I could easily decorate the entire room using only HomeGoods because their selection and prices are SO fabulous!  My Mom Cave is going to be fun, feminine (probably lots of pink), and just for me!


  1. A blank slate and a fresh start! That's awesome about your new business!

  2. Can't wait to see your Mom cave as it develops!!!
    Thanks for stopping by and the well wishes
    Love your blog

  3. I love the purple candle holder set! Good luck with that space :)

    come visit:

    I have a surprise for you :)


  4. So exciting!!! I can't wait to see more!

  5. That's Great! Ryan just finished up a home office for ME! And he keeps trying to tell me how to decorate it. As if!?


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