Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Christmas Cloches

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Christmas Cloches

I heart cloches.  They are so simple yet add such a sophisticated charm when you put them over something.  Really, you can just take some random decorations, throw them under a cloche, and  Waa-Laa!  Instant beautification!

This Christmas I've gone a little cloche wild!  First, I've got my little "Winter Bird" cloche.  This cloche is sitting on a candle holder from White Barn that I got several years ago.  I was so excited that my little cloche fit on it perfectly!  I know, I know, I get excited about the silliest things. ;)

This one is the least Christmasey and will likely stay out through winter.  Winter bird is actually a Christmas pick that was supposed to be part of a project that went awry a long time ago.  It came with all the cute stuff attached.  I just sat it on some "snow" (pillow stuffing) to give it some height. 

Totally Cutesy!

For Cloche #2 I had the perfect size mercury glass Christmas tree to fit right under it.  It needed something else and luckily, I found these other old silvery picks with the winter bird and they matched perfectly.  I just made a little ring out of them to form a free little wreath. :)

I put it on a white cake stand and my silver sequined placemat to make a nice island centerpiece...

My third cloche is tall and skinny... perfect for Santa.

I added it to my wooden tray on my ottoman, pretty brave of me considering it is perfect toddler height. :)
However, it is in the living room with the "fancy" tree so the boys don't go in there too much.

My last cloche might be my favorite.  It is simple and maybe not particularly creative but I really love how it looks. 
It's  B I G...

Besides the red and silver ornaments I stuck some red and white candy ornaments in to add a little sumpin' sumpin'.

I think I'd like to add a round red beaded placemat underneath but I'll wait until after x-mas prices. :)  The one I wanted was $19.99.  What?!  For one meazly beaded place mat? Fageddaboudit!!  I am keeping with my "using what I already have" Christmas decorating pledge and doing pretty well!  How about you?

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  1. Beautiful display of cloches! Everyone of them has it's own personality! I love the one with the Santa Claus!
    Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. Fantastic use of cloches. I like the little extra "bling" at the base with the beads!

  3. I too love cloches, and am always on the lookout for new ones! Beautiful displays!

  4. I love cloches too. I just put together one with a coastal christmas theme - using vintage glass floats. I LOVE it. Yours are beautiful.

  5. I love cloches as well, you've got a great collection, and beautifully displayed!

  6. I love it! Where did you get all your cloches? I don't have one! I have been looking but apparently I am looking in the wrong places.

    PS I am a new follower!

  7. Love your cloches, especially the one with the little silver Christmas tree!

  8. So pretty! I can't pick my favorite.

  9. Simple, elegant and festive! There is something magical about cloches and your's don't disappoint.

  10. Hi! I'm a NEW follower and I absolutely love your blog! I wanted you to know that I am so excited to have found your blog...I can't wait to try out some of your inspired ideas! To thank you for sharing your passion, I wanted to give you the Stylish Blog Award...
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    You can get the award off of my post, just save it as a pic;
    Merry Christmas!

  11. I'm inspired! I especially like the mercury glass cloche.
    Mary Ann

  12. Cute cloches! Merry Christmas and BEST wishes for you in the upcoming NEW year!!

    xo Lynda

  13. Ever think of starting your own Holiday decorating business? I love all your decorations, you have kept them simple and elegant and not gaudy. Do they have any battery operated xmas lights that you could use inside those apothecary jars. Don't laugh but my great big one still has autumn leaves in it. Lost my sister in Oct. and was feeling no Christmas spirit and didn't decorate at all.


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