Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: The Pinterest Problem

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The Pinterest Problem

Who doesn't love Pinterest? 

If you are living under a rock and don't know about Pinterest send me an email and I'll invite you. (You have to be invited to join, they are fancy schmancy like that.)

I have to say it took me a little while to warm up to Pinterest, it wasn't that I didn't like it, I just kept forgetting about it.  But as I've learned how to navigate it better I have become kind of addicted.  It is a super awesome place for eye candy and inspiration.

You already know this. 

How do I know?  

Because you have also spent too much time pinning and re-pinning away an hour when you just meant to check your email for 5 minutes.

I know how it goes... it's a time sucking monster.

But being a time sucker is not my real problem with Pinterst.  My problem is all of the inspirational lovely-ness causes me to be indecisive. 

I've been dragging my feet working on this Master Bedroom makeover ever so slowly.  I think I have it all planned out and then I go on Pinterest and start second-guessing when I see things like:


*All pics found on Pinterest 
I find myself falling for the popular and trendy gray and yellow color scheme.

I start questioning my current monochromatic redecorating plan... am I doing it in neutrals because I won't have to paint a room with a vaulted ceiling?  Because I already had some neutral bedding and decor?  Because it's "safe"?

Pinterest is making me a bit indecisive and slowing me down. 

It's not Pinterest's fault, it's mine. 

It's not like this didn't happen before Pinterest, it did.... when I'd come across a great room on a blog or HGTV or BHG or even a great piece in TJ Maxx.  I'm just easily distracted by beautiful decor, I can't help but want to recreate it and put my own Chic on a Shoestring Decorating spin on it. 

Pinterest makes me want to decorate my butt off like crazy!

Am I going to give it up because of the Pinterest problem?

No. Stinking. Way.

How about you... do you play the second-guessing game when you're decorating?  Has Pinterest made it worse (or am I just a crazy person)?  Yes, I know I'm kind of a crazy person but that's why you read this, right?!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Oh my gosh...TOMORROW...I AM CHECKING PINTEREST. I joined a while ago and like you said...I keep forgetting about it. Thanks for the shove.

  2. I gotta say, Pinterest has actually made it easier for me to define "my style." I guess I always knew I liked relaxed, beachy, coastal style, but now I know for sure! :- ) We plan on building within the next year or two, so I'm pinning away for both exterior and interior ideas. I've been mentally living in my Pinterest house for about a couple months now! :- )

  3. can you please shoot me and invite to pintrest - i have been wanting to try it for ages!

  4. Yay! I'm not the only one who forgot about it, took me about a month to remember I could use it! I could spend hours just looking at all the inspiring ideas on there, will save a fortune in magazines!

    That first bedroom is AMAZING!

  5. I have the exact same problem, but I've figured out the solution. I just need to buy a house with 20 bedrooms. That should do it. ;)

  6. I resisted Pinterest until recently because I just didn't want one more thing to keep track of. But I have been pinning away and find that it's not that time-consuming and it's REALLY fun. I have a hard time making up my mind in regards to decorating anyway...I'm a planner. Pinterest just gives more options and actually helps because everything is in one place. Good luck with your bedroom. I'm a new follower.

  7. Yessss, Pinterest has made it worse for me too. You are NOT the only one.Everything out there is so pretty and it makes my mind feel like overload...and still I can't stop pinning!

  8. OOhh how Pinterest is such a lovely addiction to have though! Such an inspiring way to while away the hours! My name is the Spangler... and I, I am a Pinterest addict! ☺ Will be popping on over to check out your boards now!
    The Spangler @
    The Quick Unpick

  9. Ohhh girrllll...I'm right there with you. I feel like saying. "Hi, my name is Kerrie Lightfoot (hi Kerrie) and I'm addicted to Pinterest."

  10. Apparently I do live under a rock! Can you please clue me in to this Pinterest?! I love the 3rd photo! And I suffer from the same indecisiveness.
    Problem is I don't have enough rooms to do all the beautiful ideas I find on here :P


  11. I have a serious problem with pinterest. All colors look good when you're done with it! How are you supposed to choose?!

  12. Ah yes the Pinterest time sucker.... I am addicted but unlike you I can't decide what project I want to do next cause I have found so many ideas... If only I had the time. Oh wait I could stop with the pinning.... right thats not happening!

  13. I would LOVE an invite!!!

    Thank you, christine wells

  14. I would also love an invite!

  15. LOL it is addicting-I found your blog via pinterest!

  16. I'm avoiding Pinterest because I know I'll waste time there - eventhough I do need it as a resource!

  17. I am so addicted to pinterest, I'm not sure it makes me indecisive though, just makes my house fuller! LOL

  18. I blog-stalk to my heart's content so I must have access to pinterest now too. Could you send me an invite? Love your posts! Thanks!

  19. Everytime I log on to Pinterest I have to relearn nhow to do it all over again(tragic, I know) but it is addicting! Your examples are all wonderful! I keep vacillating between neutrals, black and white, and blues/greens. So not working together. I have a million pillows....oh and now I am loving that gray and yellow!

  20. I would love an invite as well!! Please?

    Christina Taylor

  21. Guess what? I really don't know what pinterest is? I mean I can kind of guess and I sure have been reading a lot about people who have pinned this? I would love to check it out - do you want to invite me? Thanks for keeping me updated with the world!

  22. I would luv an invite to Pinterest! I have a drawer full of magazine clippings of decor ideas, landscaping ideas and recipes. How neat
    to have a place online to pin items of interest.

  23. i would really appreciate it. thank you sooooo much i checked it out and absolutely luuuv t. thanks again:)


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