Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Handmade Burlap Wreath Sneak Peak

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Handmade Burlap Wreath Sneak Peak

Hello there!

I made an easy and inexpensive burlap wreath that is perfect for Fall!

I'm not quite done with the tutorial but thought I'd give you a little peak. (which means, I'm too tired to do my whole blog post so maybe this will hold you over?)

handmade burlap wreath

I'm working on a tutorial that I'll be sharing with you soon.  

Thanks for all the great info you shared in the comments in my posts about loser blog thieves, truncating posts and disabling the copy and paste feature to deter thieves.  I'm still researching more and better options to stop these bad guys and I'll keep you posted.


  1. the wreath really looks so gorgeous

  2. Very pretty wreath. I will be watching for the tutorial. Hugs, Ginger

  3. Very well done! Can't wait to see the rest of it! I love that you chose the neutral fall tones for this; it would be perfect for someone who has a door that is painted in a color that clashes with the "normal" fall/autumn colors.

    I think this would look really beautiful as a wreath tier. :) Would love to try it sometime!


  4. Did you every post the tutorial?

  5. When will you be posting the tutorial or the video? I would really like to see how you made this wreath. Thanks.


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