Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: 31 Days of Decorating on a Shoestring Budget Day 11: Ebay

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31 Days of Decorating on a Shoestring Budget Day 11: Ebay

Hello again!  Are you getting sick of me yet??  I hope not... I guess you probably wouldn't be here if you were.  Thanks for coming back.  :)

Day 11: Ebay

So what does Ebay have to do with decorating your house on a shoestring budget.  Well, it's an often overlooked great place to shop for inexpensive decor for your home.

Some people disregard Ebay because they don't really know what it's all about.  They don't have time to sit around bidding on auctions, they don't think Ebay will have what they need, they think everything on Ebay is used, or that they will get ripped off.

I'm here to tell you that it's worth your while to figure it out if you are interested in saving money.  Whenever I need want something that is from a more expensive decorator store I always check Ebay first.  They have tons of Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids items, both new and used.  They also have Restoration Hardware, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, IKEA and the list goes on.

Here's some basic info for those of you that have the concerns about Ebay that I listed above...

1.  New or Used:  Many of the items are brand new with tags or in original packaging.  Some are used but will be clearly described as used.  Some of the stuff is from an outlet but should be described in detail if it is irregular.  If it is used it will have a detailed description describing the condition, if it doesn't, ask questions or find another seller.

2.  No time to bid on auctions:  Many Ebay auctions have a "Buy it Now" at a set price button, which means you purchase it immediately at the seller's set price.  Usually you can get a better price if you bid on auctions.  Also, you don't have to spend hours bidding on an auction.  When you bid you can put in your top price and the system will bid on your behalf until you win or your top price is hit.  Ebay will send an email alert if you have been outbid before the end of the auction.

3.  How can I trust the seller:  Ebay has a great seller rating system that Ebay sellers take very seriously.  Anyone who buys something off Ebay can leave feedback for the seller and just a handful of negative feedback comments can be devastating to an Ebay seller's business.  Always check the seller's feedback before you bid... it should be about 97% positive or better.

4.  Stay Safe when you pay:  Most Ebay sellers only accept Paypal and if you pay with it most transactions have free buyer protection.  It will say so as you're completing the Paypal transaction, if it doesn't find out why and reconsider your purchase.

One of my best decor finds I scored on Ebay was our old Pottery Barn duvet, shams and roll pillow.  I got them brand new on Ebay at a deeply discounted price.  I sold them all several years later for more than I paid for them!

Pottery Barn Fiona Bedding
Our old Pottery Barn Bedding purchased cheap on Ebay.  Pic is in our old house with our old bed. :) 

I most recently bought a used Canon Rebel XTI for both my blog and taking pics of the kiddos.  It came with a great lens, a lens filter, 2 memory cards, 2 extra batteries, a new camera bag, the original box, paperwork, and usb cord all for half of what just the camera would cost if it were new.  An incredible deal... the camera seriously looks new.

So while the camera is not decor it is a blogging tool which ties into decorating your home (if you have a blog). :)
Recently, Ebay launched "Ebay Daily Deals".  These deals are deeply discounted, namebrand products and always have free shipping.  (Hooray for free shipping!)  I just signed up because I am very intrigued by deep discounts and free shipping, especially since Christmas shopping is right around the corner.

If you want to try it you can sign up here.

So, if you haven't used Ebay before, you should check it out... there are lots deals to be found.

Have you ever bought anything for your home on Ebay?

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*Disclosure:  Ebay did NOT pay me to write this article.  However, the Ebay Daily Deals button is an affiliate link.  I only offer affilliate links for things I feel my readers would benefit from, all opinions are 100% mine!  


  1. Hi Kate,
    I buy stuff on eBay all the time lol Great place to shop... for the house, kids or myself... For example, I bought two pairs of Keen sandals for $170 recently - from America with postage and all, here in Australia we have to pay the same price for one pair in the shop! And yes, I have bought lots of stuff for the house too... too much lol ~Pernilla

  2. I am an eBay addict. I don't know what's worse, eBay or Pinterest...LOL

  3. I am still enjoying your series. :)


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