Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: 31 Days of Decorating on a Shoestring Budget Day 9, The Dollar Store

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31 Days of Decorating on a Shoestring Budget Day 9, The Dollar Store

Hi there!  Welcome to my 31 day series of decorating on a shoestring budget.  I'm so glad you're here.  It's day #9 and if you need to catch up on the first 8 days you can click the links below:

Day 9:  The Dollar Store

I live near The Dollar Tree where everything is one dollar.  Hopefully you have something similar in your area so you can take advantage of some pretty good junk stuff for a measly dollar.

When you go in your dollar store don't be discouraged, you will see lots of crap items that don't even seem to be worth one dollar.  That's normal.   In general, about half of the stuff at the dollar store is pretty decent and you can even find some really good things for a buck.  The other half of the stuff is junk.

If you've been around blogland you've seen how people have turned really ugly stuff they've picked up at the dollar store into cool decorative items with a little spray paint and hot glue.

I have yet to make such a wonderful transformation.

However, one of my best finds at the dollar store did not need any tweaking.  I found these great black birds there 2 years ago and used them in my Halloween mantle you can see here.  They are just about as good as their Pottery Barn big brothers, they are a little smaller but who cares since they are about 96% cheaper.

halloween mantle

I also used them in my Halloween mantle this year.  I was too lazy wasn't ready to take my fall mantle down and switch to Halloween so I just added the black birds in for a little touch of spooky.  I also put in some light-up sticks.  (Is that what they're called?  Who knows??)  Anyway, it's not looking all that spooky, but whatever, I'm calling it my Halloween mantle and I like it. :)

Halloween mantle

This guy only has one eye but hey, whaddaya expect for a dollar?!  If you want a two-eyed fake black bird then go pay $30 bucks at Pottery Barn.  I just think it gives him a little character, he's like a pirate, maybe I should get him an eye patch... it might help kick the spookiness up a notch?

Halloween black bird

Now the bad news,  I haven't seen my spooky black birds at the dollar store this year.  But, I haven't been there for a few weeks when they were just starting to get in their Halloween stuff.  Maybe they got something cool if not the spooky black birds.

Even if they didn't get the birds back, you should still check out the dollar store, especially for holiday decor. There are usually lots of junky looking things that can be turned into beautiful things with a little creativity.  And, every once in a while you get lucky with something like these black birds that don't need any work.

Have you ever decorated your house with anything from the dollar store?

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  1. I bought a black bird at DollaTree this year! I have to say, they're way spookier in multiples... I might have to make a trip to get some more :)
    Marie @

  2. We have them here in our Dollarama. They are $2.00 this year but they are larger birds.

  3. hahah! that's funny you talking about that one-eyed bird being a pirate and putting an eye patch!! lol

    by the way, love your matle - pretty!


  4. I love your mantel! Those blackbirds at DT seem to be THE decorating item this season. I bought about eight; I was in my DT when they received a new shipment! They also have a red-eyed rat that I had to have for my scarecrow! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I haven't used things from the Dollar Tree in my house decorating (yet) but I did use a lot of items from there when I did my daughter's baby shower in the spring. Napkins, favor boxes, straws, flower garland - they had some really cute things that worked perfectly with the theme. You just have to be open to what they have and "go with the flow".
    Hugs -

  6. Your art is awesome. It seems that you'll busy in Christmas season.

  7. I really love your attitude! I think you make dollar store stuff look like a million! Your attitude is so right and lets your creativity flow! KUDOS to you!!!
    Lots of inspiration here!

  8. My DT store has the blackbirds this year.

    I've decorated with their candles and have had a set of silver, spiral candle sticks on top of my tv stand that I bought 7 years ago! I also have a framed green mirror that I use as a tray on my dresser that I bought 10 or more years ago from DT! My medicines cupboard (in the kitchen) is organized with 5 DT baskets and the same with one of my bathroom shelves! Yeah for DT!

  9. Your series is great! Im glad I found you...a tad late into the series but that's okay. Im one of the many doing the series. So fun!

  10. I love browsing through the DT. I have bought lots of things - great for candles, and votive holders, little baskets, tissue paper in lots of colors, fake flowers/branches etc... No, some stuff isn't even worth the 1$, but if you pop in there once in a while you might find something worth your trip!

  11. I was there last weekend and the birds are back. Yes,I do use DT for some decorations and then I toss them.

  12. Although I do not decorate for Halloween, but for fall, I too enjoy seeing what our local "Dollar Tree", "Mighty Dollar" and "Deal Mart", all here in the SC and NC area. I have used "almost silk" looking fall leaves to place around the decor, burlap items, and will enjoy looking for my "Happy Birthday Jesus" decorating soon too! I love your blog. Thank you!

  13. The 'one eye' gives it character ;) Cute decorating .. I love all of the crows.

  14. I made pumpkin topiaries this year from Dollar Tree. First a purchased 2 large plastic (the kind for candy)(sprayed those white) and picked up black and white pattern napkins,2 medium size rubber and 2 smaller rubber. I seperated the napkins and tossed the plain shite sheet,then I decopodged the napkins onto the large ones. I cut triangles and podged those onto the ribs of the med pumpkins,the small ones I left plain. I used skewers to connect them along with some hot glue. After shoving them into my empty summer pots I surrounded them with Dollar tree fall foliage. They came out great and cost about 6 dollars per pot to make. Tied Dollar Tree ribbon with wire that had fall colors around the lip/ Friends and family are loving them and wanted to know where I purchased them and then said no, I bet you made them,and I proudly said yes. They stand about 4ft high including the grey french pots they are nesteled in.

  15. For all of you on a budget regarding a wedding,my daughters wedding had a lot of elements fromm Dollar Tree,they will order you cases of items you need for big events.

  16. I LOVE this! It's so clean and simple but elegant! I think it's spooky! I need to do this next year! I've still got my silver glittery skulls and black birds!


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