Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: Flaunt it Friday 226!

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Flaunt it Friday 226!

Howdy, peeps.

Well, my first week back at regular blogging was a complete fail.


But, I got started, just didn't finish.  Planning on posting my Fall decor this weekend.

Stay tuned (again). ;)

Let's party!

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  1. Hi Kate, thank you for Flaunt It Friday no. 266. A pleasure to join in.

  2. Thanks Kate for hosting! Glad I found you! Kyla @

  3. You are such a busy girl! Thanks so much for the party and have a lovely weekend, Kate!


  4. I am new at Link Parties Word and i really enjoy it!
    I am following you and i will be here to keep in touch and not only for the Link Parties!
    Soon i will make a special post for the parties where i Link and of course you will be inside!
    Thank you!

    Cheers from Greece!

  5. Hi Kate, I'm joining your party for the first time! Thanks a bunch for hosting! Have a lovely day :)

  6. Thank you so much for hosting, Kate. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Cathy

  7. Thanks for hosting, Kate!...Christine


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