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Flaunt it Friday #39 and Happy New Year!

I know many of you are too busy really partying to party on my blog but it's here for you just in case. 

Have a safe and Happy New Year!  I'll see you next year! :)

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2010 Top 10

With just a few days left in 2010 I thought I'd do a quick recap (like everyone and their brother) of my top 10 blogs of 2010.  If you're new to my blog this will give a quick look at my most popular posts.

Since the suspense is killing you, here we go. ;)

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10.  Christmas Cloches

Damask:  My damask rug is one of my favorite things...

6.  Fall Centerpiece Love

And the #1 post of 2010 according to Google analytics....

Thanks for counting down with me.  After the first of the year I will be kicking into organizing high gear and I also will be celebrating my 1 year blogging anniversary! 

Come back late tomorrow (Thursday) night for my weekly Flaunt it Friday party!  See you then! :)


Not-so-simple Christmas Decor Tour, Part 2

Merry Christmas, friends!  We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you did too.  The kiddos are in bed so I thought I'd hop on my blog and finish my not-so-simple Christmas tour.  Surely, no one will read it since it's Christmas and people should be celebrating, not reading blogs.  But just maybe, some of you, like me, can steal a moment with your Christmas cookies and laptop, and enjoy some quiet time browsing some pretty Christmas pictures.  This is for you!

If you'd like to see Part 1 of my Not-so-simple Christmas, check it out here.  Part 2 features my living and dining room and is mostly Silver, Gold and Bronze .  Also, my "fancy" tree. :)

The reason for the season... feeling very blessed this Christmas. 

 Love my nativity set my mother-in-law gave us. Very pretty and the pieces aren't breakable, my little one loves to carry around baby Jesus and always puts him back in his bed.  The other day my little one,  who just turned 2, brought baby Jesus to me and told me "Baby Jesus has stinky buns".  After I stopped laughing he then told me "Baby Jesus needs clean diaper".  Love it!

Entryway console top...

Living room ottoman centerpiece...

 I have a small Department 56 Christmas village.  Every piece has a special meaning behind it.  My husband got me this church the year we got married. ( isn't he sooo sweet! :)

This little Santa and his reindeer fly over the Christmas village... my boys LOVE this. :)
 My dining room table centerpiece is kind of a hodgepodge but I like it.  The glass candle holder was $6 on clearance at TJ Maxx a few years back, it is from Williams Sonoma and it is huge!  The wreath is from Pier 1, 90% off last year after Christmas sale, $4.50.  I stuck some gold and bronze X-mas tulle stuff around the base of the candleholder to fill the space.

I made this no-sew pillow out of a placemat!  No, seriously!  I got the idea from another blog (if it's you, tell me and I'll give you the credit, sorry, I don't remember)  I didn't do anything to it but stuff it and glue the fabric back together.  It is perfect in my living room... can you believe that is a placemat? 

These 2 tall and skinny gold reindeer were new additions this year, of course they were a deal!

Love how they look in my bronze and gold Christmas tree forest.

We had a very beautiful white Christmas, did you?

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! xoxo

Flaunt it Friday #38 ~Merry Christmas!~

Hi friends, Merry Christmas Eve Eve! 

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I don't have lots of rules, just a few requests.
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My not-so-simple Christmas Decor Tour, Part 1

Wow!  Christmas is in just a few days!  Thought I would share a tour of some of my decorations before the big day. 

But before I share my "Christmas Extravaganza" I have to ask... does it seem like a common Christmas decorating theme this year in blogland is "simple".  I've seen lots of people doing some "minimalist" and "simple" decorating and loving it. 

Well peeps, I missed the boat on that one.  I've been decorating my rear off since the week of Thanksgiving!

But I'm not complaining, I actually have loved every minute of it... (except for those blasted dead Christmas lights!)

My secret suspicion is that all those minimalists are just being lazy decorators!?  After all, who wants to drag 20 rubbermaid bins covered in dust out of the basement only to find smashed garland with dead Christmas lights inside?  It's much easier to just pull out one or 2 and say "I'm loving the simple look this year, it's just lovely."  Right?!  Totally easy!!!

Ok, ok... I'm totally kidding about being lazy, I've seen some just beautiful "simple" Christmas decor.  I just love decorating so much that I can't stop myself! 

I should mention that I haven't been out buying stuff, I've pretty much used things I already had or got super-duper cheap last year at an after Christmas sale.  So, at least I'm not going out blowing lots of money on new decorations for my not-so-simple Christmas decor. (I should get bonus points for that for sure!)

Anywho, I'd love to share my not-so-simple decor.  It is only not-so-simple because it required lots of rubbermaid bins to be drug up from the basement, not because I did anything really complicated.

Here's a little tour of my kitchen and family room.  These rooms are open to each other and have a red, white, and a little bit of silver and peppermint candy theme going on.

The kitchen eating area...
christmas decor

Don't mind the dorky under the cabinet generic Ipod music player/radio... and no I didn't make the sign but how easy would it be to make?!  Probably not as easy as me buying it for $3 after Christmas last year.
christmas decor

Kitchen chandelier...

christmas decor

Island centerpiece... Mercury glass tree under cloche.
christmas decor

Top of my antique secretary (I used to do an all silver theme...) 
christmas decor

Little winter bird cloche...
christmas decor

The kids tree (has been man-handled and crashed into several times by my boys, it's looking a little sloppy but they love it and I don't have to say "don't touch it!" because my fancy tree with the breakables is in the living room) :)

christmas tree decor

There are some breakables on the kids tree but they are up high...
christmas decor santa

The mantel... 
christmas decor mantel

My "artistic" mantel shot... 
christmas mantel decor

 Mantel reindeer who weighs about 20 lbs even though he's less than a foot tall.
christmas decor

 Sleigh and mini tree at fireplace surround... would you believe my toddler hasn't bothered this at all and it's right near where he plays all the time!
christmas decor

 Kitchen Vignette...
christmas decor

Always love apothecary jars... 
christmas decor

Kitchen table cloche centerpiece...
christmas decor

I hope you've enjoyed the first half of my not-so-simple Christmas decor tour part 1.  I'm sure you minimalists will be laughing all the way at take down time. ;)    I will soon be listing Part 2, which includes Silver and Gold and the "fancy" tree (named by my older boy) :) 

Don't forget to come back late tonight for Flaunt it Friday!

Christmas Cloches

I heart cloches.  They are so simple yet add such a sophisticated charm when you put them over something.  Really, you can just take some random decorations, throw them under a cloche, and  Waa-Laa!  Instant beautification!

This Christmas I've gone a little cloche wild!  First, I've got my little "Winter Bird" cloche.  This cloche is sitting on a candle holder from White Barn that I got several years ago.  I was so excited that my little cloche fit on it perfectly!  I know, I know, I get excited about the silliest things. ;)

This one is the least Christmasey and will likely stay out through winter.  Winter bird is actually a Christmas pick that was supposed to be part of a project that went awry a long time ago.  It came with all the cute stuff attached.  I just sat it on some "snow" (pillow stuffing) to give it some height. 

Totally Cutesy!

For Cloche #2 I had the perfect size mercury glass Christmas tree to fit right under it.  It needed something else and luckily, I found these other old silvery picks with the winter bird and they matched perfectly.  I just made a little ring out of them to form a free little wreath. :)

I put it on a white cake stand and my silver sequined placemat to make a nice island centerpiece...

My third cloche is tall and skinny... perfect for Santa.

I added it to my wooden tray on my ottoman, pretty brave of me considering it is perfect toddler height. :)
However, it is in the living room with the "fancy" tree so the boys don't go in there too much.

My last cloche might be my favorite.  It is simple and maybe not particularly creative but I really love how it looks. 
It's  B I G...

Besides the red and silver ornaments I stuck some red and white candy ornaments in to add a little sumpin' sumpin'.

I think I'd like to add a round red beaded placemat underneath but I'll wait until after x-mas prices. :)  The one I wanted was $19.99.  What?!  For one meazly beaded place mat? Fageddaboudit!!  I am keeping with my "using what I already have" Christmas decorating pledge and doing pretty well!  How about you?

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