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Giveaway Winner!

Hi everyone!  Thanks for signing up for my 1 year blogoversary giveaway.   The winner selected by is #9, Kelley!  Congratulations on your pretty new necklace Kelley!

I'll be back later today (hopefully, we are still under the weather at our house...) with another post. 

Thanks again to everyone for all of the well wishes for my one year blogoversary!  They are much appreciated! :)  xoxo

Last Day to enter my Giveaway! And, a shout-out to sick moms everywhere.

Hi, friends.  I had a fun Valentine's day decor post planned for you today but woke up with a sore throat and a bad earache.  Boooooo...Hisssssss 

photo by harrisdy

 I really don't have time for being sick... it is really cramping my style.  It ruined all my plans for a fun weekend.  Today I had lunch plans with a girlfriend I haven't seen in months, had to cancel.  I was then going to go decoration shopping (fun!) for some clients, couldn't go.  There will be no date night tonight, sorry hubs...  and no church in the morning, sorry Jesus.

And then, if I'm not feeling any better tomorrow there will be a very annoying trip to a surely very crowded doc in the box (since it's Sunday my doc's office is closed) where I'll probably pick up some more germs from a waiting room full of sickos.  Yuck.

If I'm lucky I won't pass this to the Deuce (child 2) or the hubs, (I think I caught it from the Ace (child 1) so hopefully he is safe from the germ monster, aka; me). 

Unfortunately, I'm sick on the weekend so it ruined my weekend and my hubs too (sorry honey).  But fortunately, I am sick on the weekend so hubs has been home to help take care of the boys.  Because, as all you other moms know, moms do NOT have time to get sick, ever.  And if you are a sick mom, you have to suck it up and get your job done anyway... 24/7.  It was nice to have the hubs here to help and I actually got to take a nap.  (Thanks honey!)

So, I'm not trying to have a pity party for myself.  Just wanted to give a shout-out to sick moms everywhere with ruined plans and runny noses.

You do your job 24/7 even while feeling like (and probably looking like ;) total poo.  You know what, that makes you awesome.  You probably don't hear that enough, your little kids aren't telling you that, heck, they might not even realize you're sick.

It is darned hard work to take care of your kids when you are sick but you do it anyway.  It may not always be pretty or perfect but you get the job done.  So give yourself a pat on the back, someday your kids will thank you (maybe not until they have their own kids) for all of your hard work. It's not easy, but it's so worth it. :)

PS:  Don't forget tomorrow is the drawing for my Reedmor Jewelry necklace giveaway.  Sign up here now!

Flaunt it Friday #43!

Hi friends! How many of you wish you were at Blissdom??  I would have loved to go but it was not in my shoestring budget... maybe next year. (some of you are saying blissdom-who? it's a big blogger convention in Nashville that all the cool kids (and some wannabes (that would be me if I went!) go to).  But, since I'm at home I might as well make the best of it and throw a fun party, right?!  YES!! 

Don't forget to enter my blogoversary giveaway from Reedmor Jewelry here...winner drawn Saturday!

My little rules...
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Dining Room Buffet Revisited

My dining room buffet decor had been bugging me... 

Yes, it probably looked fine but it just wasn't me.  The vase collection bugged me kind of off to the side and I felt like they were a little too modern for me. I bought them at clearance prices and they matched and filled the space but in the back of my mind I was always looking for something else. 

I finally had the creative ah-ha moment after taking down my Christmas decor, I didn't want the cheap vase collection back up there, ever.

Cloches and Apothecary jars!


Since I really heart cloches and apothecary jars I decided I needed to display them all the time, not just with holiday type items. I finally came across my iron cake stand (I lost it for like 3 months!  In my own house!!  How's that for being organized?!  I had stuck it in a bin of kids clothes that I was carrying up from the storage room in the basement, then I took out the clothes I needed and left the cake stand, who looks for a cake stand in a bin labeled "boys clothes"? Yes, I am crazy).

Anywho, hooray for my iron cake stand because it's the only one that fits my biggest cloche!   I have lots of random grassy balls and decorative balls lying around so I started filling.  I had some small fake pears for my apothecary (notice the painting behind the buffet... pears!  My... I'm a creative one, aren't I?! ;) 

I decided to leave the almost too modern plate because it needed something else and it matches really well.  I am so much happier with the new look, (although the burnt orange lampshades still sort of bug me, it needs the color).  I used everything that I already had around the house (no $ spent = bonus points!) and I'm so much happier with it. 

What do you guys think??  Do you like the before or after?  Be honest, I won't be offended if you like the before better (wanna buy some vases?) 

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A Man Cave Makeover

Do you have a room in your house that you avoid because it is just blah...?  Like it's not really ugly but it is not really pretty either... it just has nothing going for it so you don't want to be in it.  That is how our basement family room/pitiful excuse of a man cave (according to Mr. Chic ;) has been since we moved in. 

The decorator in me can usually not stand a space like this for longer than 10 minutes... how did I let this one go for over a year?

Easy.  I just ignored it.  Since it's in the basement I didn't have to look at it much... out of sight out of mind.
Another reason was that we had moved into our new house and I had the whole place to decorate, the basement was low on the priority list.  
But after a year I was still putting it off mainly because it includes very ugly recliners (that Mr. Chic insisted on keeping when we moved)plus it is supposed to be Mr. Chic's man cave.  "Man Cave" means I have to decorate it with airplane pictures and memorabilia that are in all kinds of mismatched frames...but I guess this is better than beer signs or life size cardboard cut-outs of Star Wars characters so I can't really complain.

Last weekend while organizing toys (stealing my kids old toys and making huge garage sale/throw away pile unbeknowst to them) in the basement I had finally had enough.  I thought to myself, self, you are a decorator, don't be scared of the random picture frames, weird placement of the basement window and ugly recliners, just do it.

Here is the before (after I had decided on my pictures and added some throw pillows):

Note: weirdly placed window, ugly recliner, crooked lampshade.
I busted out all of the airplane pictures and coordinated them by style and color.  I liked the black and whites the best so grouped some of those together.  I had to do some frame swapping to get them all somewhat matching. 

I started trying to figure out a configuration to go behind the loveseat which is near one of the windows.  It isn't centered which makes it really awkward to work with (one of the biggest reasons why I had been putting it off, what to do with that crazy window!)

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating TIP: Lay out your wall art collage on the floor before you hang them to get an idea of fit and spacing. 

I laid my airplane pics out on the floor, measured out where the window was and the opposite end of the couch (my 2 ends of hanging space), then configured them until I got it looking the best I could with that crazy window.

I ended up with this (and a few too many extra nail holes but no one can see them so who cares...)

I added some accessories that I already had...


A cute basketweave lumbar pillow to dress up the frumpy recliner...

Also added some lamps and a cute black pedastal table that I got for a song for my still unfinished mom cave...

Sorry for the crummy lighting, basement photography without a flash = crummy dark pics.
  • Chic on a Shoestring Decorating TIP:  Stack a lamp on some hardback books when using different height end tables on each end of a sofa.
  The finished product...

I'm so happy to have it finished and Mr. Chic even likes it! 

What's your "blah" room?  Can a few easy changes make it better?  Just do it!

The Girl Creative

Flaunt it Friday #42

It's Friday again!  You know what that means... time to Flaunt it! :)

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Now it's time to party!

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A Ballard-esque find at an unexpected place...

While I celebrate my one year blogoversary this week, I'd like to share one of my favorite sweet deal blog posts that I posted in my first few weeks of blogging.  Since it was posted so early on many of you probably haven't read it.  It is a funny story about finding some ballard-esque bar stools at a very unexpected place, the deal was so sweet it is in my "Top 5 Sweetest Deals Ever".  As fate would have it, CSN Stores contacted me to do a product review and they actually sell extra tall bar stools along with all kinds of other good stuff! 

Catalog Inspiration & K Mart 
 originally posted 2/12/10

I got my Ballard Designs catalog in the mail today... WOOT WOOT! Love Love Love getting Ballards in the mail, makes my day!!! It's like a design inspiration magazine subscription for FREE, can't beat it!

So while I love Ballards style and find it very inspirational I find their prices to be ree-donk-u-lous! (that's my word for extra-ridiculous)

Seriously, I can't find anything I like in that catalog for less than a hundred bucks! There are some under $100 items that I like but they don't pass my TJ Maxx test, which is... if I can find the same or similiar item at TJ Maxx for less, then I ain't buyin' it from you-aka Ballards, Pottery Barn, etc! (Yes, I just said ain't and I'm from way North of the Mason Dixon line... hahaha. :) I know, ain't ain't a word, I only use it to show sassy-ness so please don't think I have some kind of terrible grammar problem.)

Anyway, guess what passes the TJ Maxx test in the Ballard's catalog??.... umm, nothing. Dang it!! But I know this before it arrives in the mailbox, it is simply just inspirational. This issue really surprised me because it just happened to have an almost perfect replica of something I already have, something(s) that were one of my best deals ever.

Here is the inspirational super cute Ballard's counter height barstool for $129 plus tax and shipping.

Photo courtesy of  Ballards Design

Here is how I got one of my best deals ever!

I was walking through K-Mart this summer, snicker snicker, (see why I'm snickering about K-Mart here) and the loudspeaker comes on and they say, and I quote "Attention K-Mart shoppers, please head over to the furniture aisle to check out our great deal on clearance items including barstools, tables, blah blah blah". We had just moved to a house with an island and I really needed barstools but hadn't been able to find any decent ones for less than about $125 a piece, too high!

So I high-tail it back to the furniture area thinking maybe I could get some cheapo barstools until I found the nice ones I wanted at the right price. Imagine my surprise when I found these!

I heart you Martha Stewart.

These K-Mart Martha Stewart barstools were almost exactly what I had been looking for and they were on clearance for $8, that's right, eight dollars!!

What?! $8 really??!!

I thought for sure they were mis-marked so I asked the lady working in the aisle and she said the price was right, they were discontinued. And by the way, can I buy the display too, yes ma'am! I got 3 barstools for $24!! And I love love love them! They are perfect in my french country kitchen.


Twins! (kind of)

So, I got these perfectly Ballard-like barstools for about 95% off Ballard's price, YA-HOO!! Since it was probably about 4 or 5 months ago I'm thinking these barstools are probably long gone so I'm sorry about that. And, I'm sorry I can't give you a tutorial on how to make your own barstools out of stuff found in the dollar store but I'm just not that crafty (yet!).

This kind of find is a good reminder that you can find stylish pieces without paying out the wazoo! I think the original retail price was $35 a stool and I would have been willing to pay full price for these. I could have gotten all 3 of them for less than the price of one of Ballards, even at full price. I wanted to share with all you bloggy friends that appreciate sweet deals as much as me!

As always, thanks for stopping by and please consider following me. I heart comments!!

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One Year Blogoversary Giveaway!

Is it weird to wish myself a Happy Blogoversary?  Kind of, so instead I'll celebrate my blog turning a year old with a little giveaway!

But first I want to thank all of my faithful bloggy friend readers for all the bloggy love they show me.  For making me not feel like a crazy person for loving to decorate SO much and SO often.  For celebrating with me when I find a suh-weeeet deal.  For partying with me every Friday.  For coming back again and again when one too many days go by without a new post.  And most of all, for all that comment love they give me.

I am humbled and amazed that over 800 people want to "follow" me.   And never did I realize that I would make real friends through blogging that I've never even met (in person)... how cool is that!?  :)  The blogging experience has been so much greater than I could've ever expected.  Can't wait to see what 2011 has in store!  xoxo

Now on to the giveaway!

My sponsor Reedmor Jewelry has donated this beautiful hand-made necklace for one lucky reader to win!

The pretty beaded necklace features blacks, browns, greys and silver... will match anything!

Isn't it pretty?!

There are several ways to to enter the giveaway.  Leave a separate comment for each entry and don't forget to leave your email address in your comments if you don't have a blog.

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Winner will be chosen by on January 30th.

Flaunt it Friday #41 and Introducing La-dee-da Designs!

Hi there!  Tonight before we party I'd like to introduce you to my friend and newest sponsor, Angela of La-dee-da Designs (isn't that the cutest name ever?! I love it!!)

Click the picture above to visit La-dee-da Designs!

Angela makes cute and customizable wall art and canvases.  Her art work is extremely reasonably priced for handcrafted and hand-painted pieces of art.

These hearts are the cutest and under $25!! (stay tuned to see mine in my Valentine's Day decor...)

She makes pieces for any occasion...


Please go check out La-dee-da Designs website or Etsy Shop... you will love it!  And order one of those cutie patootie Valentine hearts... you know you want to! ;)

One more thing before we party... come back Saturday for a Reedmor Jewelry Giveaway!!

Now it's time to party! 

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Home Goals 2011

Hi there, I hadn't planned on doing a "Home Goals" post but the more I read other peoples lists, the more I realized I needed one. I have an ongoing list in the back of my head but depending on what day you catch me, the list might contain completely different things. Having a project list will help me stay on track. It also may be a source of comedy at the end of the year when I see how lofty my goals were and how many I actually completed. ;)

The pictures below are awful, I feel like I'm airing all my decor dirty laundry... it's kind of embarassing.  I'm hoping everyone has projects and stuff like this in their home... but my list seems so stinking longGeesh!

If this happens to be your first time visiting, please go look at another post for some good stuff!

So here we go, my home project goals in no particular order:

Goal #1:  Paint the boys bathroom. We've lived in our "new" house a year and a half, we've had the paint since the week we moved in, it's never been opened. Nice.

We painted the inside of the entire house when we moved in so needless to say we got a little (or a lot) burned out on painting. No one really sees the boys bathroom so it's not a priority to paint it. But now it's really bugging me. I already have the paint and supplies, no more excuses.


Goal #2:  Fix up my office/mom cave. A while back I did some posts about fixing up my mom cave to win a HomeGoods gift card. Unfortunately for my office (and my bank account), I didn't win. (Did the judges even look at my room to see how bad I needed that gift card?! look at this pic, the room is awful!!) Yeah, I'm not bitter or anything. ;)

Needed for the office: Paint, window treatments, light fixture, accessories, organizational supplies, paint desk, new desk chair.

You can still see the goop left on the wall from the border we removed...yuck.

Goal #3:   Re-do my big boy's room.  Different colored furniture and a poor choice on paint color make for a hodge podge of a room that could (and should) be really cute. 
Needed for re-do:  Paint for walls and furniture (ugh), new bedding.

Goal 4:  Finish crown molding in family room.  This is the hubby's job but it's making my list because I'm sick of looking at it. :)

Goal 5:  Finish trim on island.  When we got our bamboo floors installed the island trim was ruined when it was taken off.  It's about time we put some back on.
Needed:  just a little bit of trim and me to glaze and antique it.

This makes me crazy!  It looks completely unfinished.
Goal 6:  Pretty up the master bath.  Ideally we'd like new tile on the floor and the tub surround (and a new vanity and sinks for that matter) but it's not a necessity and it would be costly.  I am going to work with the white and neutrals and make them work for me.  It seems that white is the "it" color for spring, have you noticed??  :) 
Needed:  Some decorating inspiration, maybe paint (oh my, every goal seems to include paint!) cheap decor and new towels.

I love my damask towels but the dark brown is just too much for the white tile in my opinion.
Goal 7:  Organize my business decorations.   Since starting a decorating and homestaging business I have started keeping some inventory.  Ok, kind of a lot of inventory that has quickly taken over a corner of my basement. 
Needed:  More shelving, large bins, patience.

This is all I'm showing of my little disaster. :)
Goal 8:  Staining the stair banisters to match our floors. 
Needed:  Stain (which we already have)  Time and patience, this could take up to 3 or 4 coats.  We'll also need to do it when it warms up a bit so we can open the windows, will be a stinky job (in more ways than one)

Dreading this one but it will make such a difference!

I could've gone on and on with this list but some things seem too trivial to be a "goal" (and I didn't want to set myself up for failure! ;)

Have you made your 2011 Home Goals list?  C'mon, share your embarassing pictures with me, it will make me feel better about myself.

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