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Watercolor Word Art for Kids

Hi guys!  How are ya??  Here in the Midwest we are melting with temperatures rising to the high 90's and even hitting over 100 a few days ago!

While I'd love to lay on the couch in the nice cool air condition and catch up on my magazine reading, (I can dream) I have 2 boys to entertain.  Playing outside is not an option in this heat!

I decided to do a little art project with them with stuff I had laying around the house.  This project is  way easy and fun! 

Watercolor paints and brush
Paper, heavier weight paper works better but any will work fine
Sticker Letters
Newspaper (optional)

To make your Watercolor Word Art you simply will stick your sticker letters on to white paper and have your kiddos paint over them with watercolor paints.  Once the paint is dry, peel off the stickers and you have some original art done by your little sweeties.

Watercolor word art for kids

Flaunt it Friday 108!

Hey Chicsters!!

Today something crazy happened!!

No, I am not talking about politics...

My laptop magically turned on!!!

Some of you might be thinking, wow, my laptop turns on everyday, whoop-dee-do, congratulations.

But, my laptop has been dead for a month!  It came back from the water-logged grave, amazing!

For those of you that missed it, my new laptop had a glass of water spilled on it by one of my boys last month while I was in the shower.  While showering, he yelled through the door several times about miscellanious trouble that his brother was causing (changing the channel, stealing his toys, calling him a poopy-head, you know- important stuff) but not once did he mention that a glass of water had spilled on the laptop.  So when I came downstairs, there it sat, glass tipped over, water splashed on it and pooled underneath it.

I then did the absolutely wrong thing you're supposed to do when a beverage is spilled on your computer.  I tried to turn it on which could fry it if it's not already fried.

Nothing happened... just dead.

I then grabbed my phone and googled what to do.

Number 1, don't try to turn it on.


Anyway, after sticking the battery in rice and blowing a fan on the thing for 3 days I gave up, it's dead.

Every once in a while I've tried to turn it on.


Then today, I was calling a computer fix it company and giving him the specs and I pushed the button and it powered on... just like nothing ever happened!

A Christmas miracle in June!  Woo HOOO!!  I am SOOO happy and glad I didn't throw it out or send it to the people that charge one million dollars an hour to fix a cheap laptop.

I'm so happy, I feel like partying!!

It's time for Flaunt it Friday!!

I'm Trippin'

Hi friends!  I am hanging out with Mr. Chic in one of my favorite cities right now...

Chicago River


I am eating and shopping and enjoying the sights of this beautiful city on a mini vacation.  I will share more with you about it when I get home. 

Talk to ya soon! :)

Flaunt it Friday 107!

Hey party animals!

Wow, this week went super-fast!  (Do I say that every week??)

But that's good because that means it's party time again!

Let's do it... (said in my best Tone Loc voice... name that 80's song??)

Summer Camp, Fun Summer Projects for Kids!

Hey there!  I'm so excited to be guest posting today over at Design Dazzle!

Design Dazzle is hosting a Summer Camp this month with tons of great ideas and projects to do with your kiddos this summer.

I am honored to be a Summer Camp counselor with so many other talented bloggers!  Hope you'll check out  my project and all of the great ideas at Summer Camp this year.

To see my easy and inexpensive water color project for kids click HERE.


Flaunt it Friday 107!

Hey Chic-sters!

I can't believe another week has gone by!

Why does the summer go SOOO much faster than the winter?


It is already time for partying, hope you're ready!

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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine.

Some Summer Decor

Hey, everyone!  Happy Monday!  Doesn't quite have the same ring to it as "Happy Friday" does it?  But it's summertime, so for some of us it makes Monday much less stressful than a regular Monday.

I just love summer. :)

Anywho,  this summer I decided to go green.  Not in the environmentally friendly way, but with my decor. :)

My mantel was easily converted from Spring/Easter (see it HERE) to Summer by pulling a few bunnies and chicks off and added some summer-ish green stuff.

summer mantle mantel

Flaunt it Friday 106!

Hey, Party People!!!!

It's time to party!

Flaunt it Friday starts NOW!

Random Inconveniences

Hey friends!  I'm back online on my old barely alive laptop!!  Can I get a "Woot Woot!"?!

The new laptop that took the spill has yet to recover.  I stuck the battery in a tub of rice to suck out any water and blew a fan on the laptop for several days.  All I've got now is a power light that goes on for 5 seconds and then nothing.  Boooooo.

Because my computer fixing skills are pretty much non-existent I totally impressed myself by "fixing" my old laptop.  After the spill I dug out my old laptop, turned it on and found it would not connect to the internet.


Yeah, that's exactly what I said.


Anyway, I busted out my very sharp computer fixing skills by googling the problem on my phone.  Apparently, the problem it had was common but no one really knows why... there's no magic fix.  So, in desperation I went through about 500 "solutions" before I found one that worked.

But I did find it... so here I am, back in blogland with this fascinating story because I haven't done anything else blog worthy for the past 5 days except try to fix this dumb computer.

My excitement didn't last because now that I got this thing up and running I remember why we bought a new one.  This thing is as slow as molasses and about every 30 seconds the fan kicks on like it's going to blow up.  One of the munchkins that lives with me decided it would be fun to peel a couple of the tabs off of the bottom of it for their sticker collection.  These tabs happened to be the "feet" so now it is missing two feet and completely off balance.  When you type it bounces up and down like one of those annoying tables at a cheap restaurant that bounces and scares you half to death if you try to lean on it.  The Y key sticks, or should I say doesn't  stick because when you use it you have to hit it a good 3 to 5 times to get it to work.   Despite my complaints, I really am glad to have had a spare so I can get back online.

So, I am going to be getting busy taking new photos (because I lost a lot on my wet laptop) and getting back to some productive blogging.  I'm also nursing a terrible summer sinus infection and preparing for a garage sale, as well as having fun with my boys so if my next few posts are as "amazing" as this one, you'll know why. :)

Hope you're enjoying the start of summer, despite my recent inconveniences I've been complaining about for the past few paragraphs, I am loving it!

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